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Monday, 24 February 2014

The start of a new blogging journey....

Im one of those people that will walk straight into Myer and tell myself not to buy anything but fall for all those glittery packages and big signs with 'Sale!! Sale!!! Sale!!!!'

Can't help myself but i love it all the same.

Welcome to the first step of my blogging journey.

Come with me and il show you the things i love, the things that sparkle and those things that you just dont need but got to have!!!!

Il step through those pretty doors into a mezmorizing faze of i need this and i need that and will walk out without knowing what exactly i bought.

Although some might say stereo-typical Id have to disagree.

I like what i like and that is, handbags, clothes and shoes!!!

Next blog post will be up shortly showing reviews, swatches and all things beautiful in my world.

If your wanting more photo's of what i love check out my instagram page or twitter, happy to answer questions for all as well :)

Instagram & Twitter:    @TarliesCorner

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