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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Autumn Beauty Obsessions

So March has almost ended (already) & the weather is changing here in Melbourne. With fewer sunny days & more rain a new blog post show casing all my March Beauty Obsessions was needed.

The beauty industry is continuously releasing new products weekly & occasionally its hard to keep up. Although I am a admitted shop-a-holic & beauty addict I don't buy everything that's new to the market. I mostly try & go for things that I know would fit my skin, or at least say they will fit & perfect my skin.
There are so many other amazing beauty blogs out there that its hard to think of original ideas 24/7.
Instead of busying your feed & inbox I have jotted down my ideas & will release two new blog posts a week to satisfy those makeup & beauty cravings.

My March madness starts off with all the makeup goodies I have been obsessing over & have brought into my daily routine along with my own opinions on how they work with my skin.


Lets start this off with the makeup items I've fallen for.

Jordana best lash extreme:

The website states 
- Immediate extreme volume
- Build able volume without clumping
- Long lasting power

All of these are true to the product, it was pure black & applied so smoothly. I did on the first two tries find it clumped just a bit, but now that iv stuck it out & used it many times iv fallen in love with it. 
This is a fantastic dupe for the Chanel Sublime mascara without the price tag. 
If you have dead straight lashes like me & tend to move towards larger wanded products than give this a try as it might become your holy grail product.
I'm hoping this item will become available in Australian stores so that beauties around the country that don't utilise US forwarding services are able to purchase this.
For now this product is available on for $3.59. Or if you do your research plenty of other online stores with shipping within Australia.



Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick:

These are already a heavy favourite amongst us Aussie beauty bloggers, the creamy texture & great pigmentation is always worth the price tag. My favourite from all colours released is Honky Tonk.
This is a peachy cool toned lipstick with a fabulous finish & a non drying effect. Perfect for spring/summer lippie that adds that extra colour to your makeup look.
The swatch below does not do this lippie justice, when wearing on my lips in daylight it has a gorgeous shimmer looking finish but is none drying on my lips.
Priceline RRP: $12.95



ELF Lip Exfoliater: 

Iv been on a run around now that the colder weather has started to hit Melbourne. My lips have become more dry & sore with that fresh air. 
After dozens of suggestions on Instagram I finally found something I'm loving. The ELF lip exfoliater has an extreme grainy texture that when rubbing onto my lips, it easily removed any dried up skin. Going by the packaging I used a wet cloth & removed the (I know gross) dead skin.
After this, I applied a little palmers cocoa lip balm & my lips are now continuously so smooth & ready for an application of my favourite lip gloss or lip stick. 
Kmart RRP: $8.00


Mac Pro Longwear Concealer & Prep & Prime highlighter:

This is a double up of two favourites I can't get enough of lately. The Mac Pro long wear concealer is adored all around the world for its incredible staying powder & thickness to cover up even the most stubborn dark circles & spots. 
I test & try dozens upon dozens of different concealers to find something that's so amazing that il never have to try another. I'm yet to purchase that item but for now the creamy consistency & so called 16hour staying power of this concealer has made it onto my march madness list. 
Mac RRP: $32.00

Prep & Prime Highlighter in 'bright forecast'. I honestly can't believe I haven't made a separate review for this earlier. This is incredible & I have been using it as a quick go to highlighter for awhile now. I use this on top of my cheeks, down the centre of my nose & a little under my lip to give them an extra false thickness. 
The smooth consistency & shimmer is so simple to blend & I think I may just have to purchase another in 'Radient Rose'.
Mac RRP: $42.00

Quick Tip: dot the highlighter on top of your already blended under eye concealer, blend it out & it will brighten your eye area effortlessly.


Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm:

I felt like a kid using this again, although the packaging has changed this product is just how I remember it. 
Slight chocolate smelling with such a smooth melting texture once it hits your lips. A definite March Madness Favourite. 
Priceline RRP: $3.49

(Thank you to all her listed their ideas on my IG, I've noted them all down & will try them one by one )


Australis Finishing Powder:

Can we just give this little guy a clap **clap clap** 
This powder is so finely ground that it reminds me of the Makeup Forever Setting Powder.
Australis have been bringing out some amazing products lately & I'm happy to say that they seem to be really thinking about what there consumers are wanting (velour lips <3) 
I rarely use any translucent powder as an all over face powder as I prefer something with a little more tint/coverage to it but I love this as a under eye setting powder & also to pat down my concealer/foundation on my t-zone & nose which are my most prominent oily zones. 
If your looking for an affordable setting powder with wonderful staying power I recommend this.
Priceline RRP: $12.95 




Models Prefer BB All in One Powder: 

Oh yes, this is good!! 
This to me isn't anything like any other BB powder, it worked so well to cover my pores (especially on the nose) & smoothed my skins surface so well.
The staying power was OK & lasted a good 5 or so hours whilst as work. If Models Prefer could change the formula for the staying power to last longer this may have gotten on my top 10 list. This is a full coverage powder so if your after something lighter this wouldnt be recommended.
Priceline RRP: $14.95




Loreal True Match:

Honestly I don't even need to comment on this, it's my holy grail foundation & has been for months. Used everyday & probably will be for months & months. 
Priceline RRP: $29.95

Hard Candy Fox in a Box:

I have used this powder throughout the weekdays for 2 weeks now as I'm in love with how this blends.
This is a pretty good dupe for some of the Benefit box'o powders but for the price you cannot complain. 
The bright pink/fuchsia shade really stands out in this little box but when you swirl your brush through all four it doesn't show up as prominent.
When I first looked at the product it looked very matte on the top layering which can be very deceiving with products. So I grabbed my brush & gave it a light swirl & notice the tiny speckles of shimmer coming off after the top layer was removed..
I loved how this blended on my cheeks, not overly chalky & lasted for a good 6 hours on my skin. 
Available at Walmart US RRP: $6.00



Models Prefer Mattifying Primer:

This is incredible.
I mean seriously, for a drug store primer I have fallen head over heels, this smoothed out my skin before my foundation application. It slightly feels grainy with first application but melts onto your skin. The Mattifying affect most definitely works. My t-zone is one of my most prominent oily spots & I had none of that through out the day.
I used a blotting paper before applying to take any excess oil from skin that may have occurred over night. 
I wouldn't recommend this product for dry skin, but for oily. Go for it!!! 
Priceline RRP: $14.99



Garnier Anti- Shine cleansing gel:

OK so some of you may have seen my quickie review on Instagram about this product & I'm here to say I was very wrong. (bad Tarlie)

Three weeks after sticking it out & using it every morning when I wake up as a little prep on my skin I have definitely noticed a difference. 
Especially around my t-zone. 
Now this will only have a noticeable difference if your going for one of those no makeup types of days where your limiting what you place on your skin. 
I'm noticing the reduced oiliness when I have a 'no makeup day' & am going for easy breezy bb cream, concealer & a hint of blush. This means no primer to reduce my oiliness so this has helped with my bb cream setting nicely & not wearing off in the one spot after a few hours.
Priceline RRP: $6.99



Garnier micellar cleansing water: 

This month is a double up for Garnier with their newest product, their cleansing water. 
This is so incredible, much like the loved Bioderma water this has become a staple in my afternoon routine of removing my makeup. 
With a super sensitive formula so it doesn't have any harsh reactions to your skin this is the perfect & simple way to remove all traces of makeup.
Using just a tiny squirt on a round makeup wipe I wipe this across my skin & when looking at the wipe afterwards you really see how much is coming off. This is such a refreshing purchase compared to very heavy duty makeup wipes that don't remove the makeup deep down in your pores.
It does state on the bottle that there is no need to wash your face afterwards but I do recommend just a quick wash after your makeup is removed to make sure the skin is clean & fresh & allowing your pores to breath.
Priceline RRP: $11.99


Yes to Carrots hydrating gel & wipes:
- dry to normal skin 

This was one of those complete random purchases where I saw the sale ticket screaming "buy me buy me"
So staying true to myself & never wanting to ignore a cry from a price tag.... I bought it. 

I'm loving this brand right now for the fresh & organic products they use to create their shower gels, face wipes, face creams, hand creams & lip products.
It's easy on the skin & feels so refreshing.
I used this during the weekdays for my morning showers & it gives your skin a little wake me up kick.
There's nothing crazy amazing about this product but I liked how soft it made my skin, a definite good start to any day. 
On special at Priceline: $4.00

I keep a pack of the travel wipes in my bag at all times. These came in handy for our day drive up to the country. Light & refreshing & didn't harm my skin in anyway, perfect for a quick cleanse when you have no makeup up on.
Priceline RRP: $3.19



Last up is my sneaky purchase when I inadvertently stopped at Fountain Gate shopping mall on my way to pick up some more Mac brush cleaner.....

Colette Hayman Body Butter:

There's not many body butters I don't like. I managed to grab this for $2 at Colette Hayman & gave it my first try last week after a bath. 
My skin felt so soft, smooth & it had a beautiful vanillary smell. 
Il be using this whole tub up as the smooth consistency & the way my skin felt was too good to resist. 
Special: $2.00



Well my beauties that's my 'March Madness' for the month. 
The products iv tried & loved & couldn't get enough of.
I may have slightly cheated as a couple of the items I'v used for longer than a month but they deserved a spot on this list.

I hope you enjoyed this post & don't forget to come for a chat & follow me on Instagram & Twitter. 



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  1. I have been tossing up about the Models Prefer Primer and always put it off, but reading that you love it.... has made my mind up for me. Thanks for the post :)

    1. Ah so good to hear! Honestly I love it & can't rave about it anymore than I usually do. It's about time I bought another. Thanks for having a read.