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Friday, 7 March 2014

Enter the beauty room part one.......Makeup Collection

Now lets start this post with a disclaimer (boring I know, scroll down a little if you want the good stuff).

I am not affiliated with any of the brands shown in my pictures, this is something I enjoy & has become my hobby. I am not a makeup artist what so ever ect ect ect

Now lets get to the good stuff, my collection started growing around the end of 2012, start of 2013. As like any other girl I became fascinated with all these different looks artists were doing on We Heart It & YouTube.

The shimmer, the sparkle and the dedication of these artists are amazing.
We are simply their canvas's awaiting a little (or a lot) of paint to create a stunning look.
With this I wanted to learn, I read up on how to create different looks and what is needed to prime my face & get a flawless look.

Now I am a clean freak (literally) but I didn't want my pictures looking fake or staged.

This is my collection, all the mess, the spills & occasional disorganisation is all me.

Come take a look:

The Room, I was lucky enough to negotiate with the bf in him having a man cave so I get a girl cave (beauty room). Im not showing all of it, il save that for another post. But here its my vanity & alex drawers.

First is my 6 drawer acrylic cube. (info on where I purchased everything is listed below)

Top draw: is filled with products I'm wanting to trial in the upcoming month/week.

2nd draw down is my Mac RiRi stash, i sadly missed out on almost all her collections released so I'm now on the hunt for all the rest. Proud to say I located someone in Melbourne with her RiRi Who's that girl lipstick & I'm awaiting its arrival ;)

3rd draw: Is all lipsticks, i prefer lipstick over any lip gloss you can give me. My favorites are always matte colours. My draw is mixed with Mac, drugstore brands, dior, chanel & my favourites by SportsGirl.

4th draw: Now this one is a slight mess, mostly storage as I haven't decided what I want in it. I have a few BB Creams which I have a love hate relationship with, my Chanel duo pocket mirror, random nail polishes & lipstick & my fav mud masks from Formula 10.

The last two drawers are my everyday makeup. Sundays I select what il be using for the week & put these all in, powders on top & eyes, primers & foundations ect on the bottom.

Next up is my Alex drawers, Iv seen this on almost every blog & beauty guru video. These were & are raved about by many & now I know why. I purchased a five draw & figured If I get the smaller one rather then the nine drawer il be able to keep my makeup collection small & reasonable for one person.

Well theres a tiny bit of space left but I'm betting on the fact that I can't handle not buying makeup & over filling this baby.
But.... with saying that I am determined to give away to friends & family anything I do not like or use in order to save space.

Though lets see what happens a year from now ;).

First drawer is the face drawer, full of liquid foundations, face powders, primers, concealers & one lonely finishing spray by Australis (you think he needs a friend in there??) 

2nd draw is my all time favourite, I love and adore blushes from neutral tones to big bright & right out there. These are my addiction & Im always buying & trialling new ones.

Now onto the 3rd draw, all those shimmers, sparkles & falsies. Here I keep eye products, tonnes of eye shadow primers, eye shadow quads, singles, pigments, brow powders, eyebrow kits, eye pencils, mascaras, liquid liners & my minimal stash of false lashes.

4th draw, yes I know there is far too many lip glosses for someone who....well doesn't really wear lipgloss. I don't have any excuse or reason for having this many lip glosses, i just can't help myself when walking through those big doors at Myer or Priceline. They have this magical affect on me, also doesn't help that when ever i see signs saying 'SALE SALE SALE' or 'NEW' i get quite giggly like a little school girl finding mum had put cake in my lunch box rather then some boring old carrot sticks!!
I have lip glosses, jumbo lip pencils, lip liners, balms, lip scrubs & lip repair products.

Final & last draw (I told you it wasn't that big ;) ) is my sparezies draw, & yes I realise that isn't a word but doesn't it sound adorable. I have this full of hand products, brush cleaners, makeup wipes, products Iv purchased & wanting to try & my Mac brush holder.

Now lets move this a little to the right & check out what I keep in the two drawers on my vanity. These are both thankfully very big & its a mix of what I store in them.
I have all my palettes in the right draw with some makeup tools like eye lash curlers, lash applicators, pencil sharpeners, makeup remover pads & my nail polish remover.

Last but not least is the left draw, filled with the nail polishes Im using right now, top coats, bottom coats, my Sigma brush cup, Forever New travel brushes & cup & a couple of my fav body sprays.

So thats it, see it isn't that big for one person!!

Now I realise I haven't gone & written the name of every product I own as this would take up to 3 or 4 pages, if wanted I am happy to do a full on product listing in the future if anyone is that interested.
But for now this a show of everything, I paid for all products myself unless they were gifted to me. Im not a professional MUA, I simply just love beauty & am always interested in learning new ways of using products.

Excited that I will be purchasing a new camera & a lighting set up for this blog so my pictures can be presented more clearly & more (well you know) nice...

I hope you enjoyed this post & leave me a comment on here or Instagram with any suggestions.

Thanks beauties & speak in a couple of days for the next exciting post. 



Instagram & Twitter:    @TarliesCorner

All photos are my own & to be used for my own purposes only. 

Vanity was purchased locally in Melbourne & is no longer for sale.

Acrylic Cube was purchased at an online sale with 'Catch of the day'
Vase & brush holder purchased at Ikea Melbourne.
Single glass jars & tulips purchased at unknown dollar store.


  1. aaaaaaa awesome,so jealous!!

    1. Thankyou Hun, will check out your blog too :)

  2. I need to find myself one of these vanities, just can't find the perfect one!

    1. I used to keep all my makeup in one little bag in the bathroom. Clearing out a spare room & making it into a beauty room with a vanity was so much fun & the vanity is so handy. Ikea has plenty of alternatives :)


  3. Great collection! I'm a fellow Aussie & I found you on Instagram :) I'm a mua so that's my excuse for having a lot of makeup... ;) please take a look at my blog too, I will be following yours ♡

  4. I would love to know where your drawer dividers are from! Thanks :)

    1. Hey Kate

      They are purchased at major coles stores that have a section that sells all organisation items for around the home. The acrylic containers are $3 each for the large & $2 each for the smaller versions.

      Hope that helps.



  5. Omg tarlie where did you get your vanity from? Xx

    1. Hey sweetie,

      As far as I know they no longer make them. I picked this up at a small furniture store in Carrum Downs.