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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Kmarts new fanciful line of cosmetics......

So lets say 2 weeks ago I took a walk into my local Kmart store & was so surprised to see a new makeup section. Everything white & black (except for the products of course).
Kmart's become very good at bringing out surprise products without publishing it.

Iv already raved about them bringing out ELF cosmetics to their stores, & il have to learn to stay away from that section as I can easily blow out my budget buying any & all ELF products readily available.

Ok before I lose my step & start blabbering on about how much I love ELF products lets talk about Kmarts new line of cosmetics.
They've thought of everything, from nail art to concealers & blushes. I didn't go overboard with this haul & decided to keep it very simple.
I opted for two nail polishes in Lavendar (pastel) & Flamingo (feathers).

I started off just as usual with a nice clean nail that had been buffed & polished. Applied a bottom coat, for this i like to use OPI's bottom Coat.

Now the little rectangle jars from Kmart's line of nail polishes are very cute & slightly take off from Butter London's Nail Polishes, but when lifting the white lid completely off it comes up with another smaller round lid you must twist to open the polish.  
I was incredibly overwhelmed by the smell of the polish upon first opening, it has this musty funny smell that I don't quite know how to explain, its certainly not something I enjoyed & really put me off attempting to use the polishes.
But for beauties sake i took the plunge and began.

It took a good three coats to get any actual color pay off on the Lavender polish & the feather polish was just as bad, it didn't have feathers but tiny little strips of glitter paper that left more in the bottle then on my nail or brush.
I finished up with OPI's top coat & put my hands in front of my mini dryer.
AH!! the smell, was worse once in front of fast moving air. I couldn't bring myself to sniff whilst my nails were drying.
Drying time was a good 10-15 mins which is a little long for an at-home nail polish job but it looked OK in the end.

Overall this wouldn't be a repurchase, the smell of the polishes alone were a major down point to me & the color pay off wasn't enough (i like a full BAM in your face type color) 
Although this would be something I'd walk straight past next time, I might have to stop in & purchase a few of Kmart's nail glitters & bits & bobs to trial as they are looking too cute to resist.

Next blog post will be about some of their face makeup & how it works on my skin.

Hope this little review helped with some serious cosmetic decisions..


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  1. If you like strong colour try SugarBaby's new nail polish range. Amazing colours, super bright.

  2. I bought the black leather one. I couldn't use it the smell was so bad.