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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Makeup Brush Cleaning: The Basics

Honestly this isn't my favorite thing to do but hygiene in makeup is a very important process.

Depending on how you have your brushes sitting ect in a tin, glass jar or even in a jar with a lid. 
Dust particles & little nasty bacteria & germs lay all over them. 

I major clean all my used brushes once a fortnight & spot clean twice a week. 
Occasionally il look at the big pile of brushes & think I can't be bothered doing them this week but honestly it is a must. 
So much bacteria is stored on these brushes from touching your face everyday to sitting in the open. 
You also want to keep your brushes in the best condition possible so they can be used for months (even years) & prevent your skin from having any breakouts.

I start off with the following:
A clean towel
Hand sanitizer 
Brush guards
Brush cleaner 
Clean bathroom sink
Luke warm water (running at intervals) 

& obviously the most important those dirty brushes.

Now there's a tonne of alternatives for brush cleaning if you have the time to Google it, there is also quite a few instructional videos on YouTube. 
The way I clean them for me is simple & takes less then 45 minutes depending on the amount of brushes to clean. 

Step 1: 
Cutting the brush guards to size. Grab your brush & sliding the guard from the bottom of the brush & just over the tip. From here you want to cut away the extra as you only need to cover 1 cm of the brushes handles & all of the fibers. 
These are a fantastic little invention to place over your damp brushes after cleaning. These will take the shape of your brush tip & hold it in place. 
I use these to keep my brushes shape & not have them drying with their fibers spraying out everywhere. 
I do have most of mine pre cut but will show you how to do this.
(brush guards are also reusable for every wash)

Step 2: 
Choose the brushes to clean first, I usually go for the larger ones as they take the most time but any order will do.

Step 3: 
Brush cleaner.
There are so many alternatives you can use, priceline stock a couple of different brands or you can use the alternative which is baby shampoo. It'll need to have no scents or harsh chemicals. Il be using my Mac Brush Cleaner for this tutorial. I clean my hands with the hand sanitizer then run the luke warm water or you can put a bit of water in your hand or a dish (totally up to you) 
I pour a 5 cent piece of brush cleaner in my hand/dish.

Grab a brush & place it downwards into the cleaner. Do not let any water get onto the handle, you don't want any water compromising the glue that holds all the fibers together.
Now simply swirl your brush.
Just like normal shampoo when washing your hair the brushes tip will have white foam start to build up. 
Now keep swirling & in intervals place the brush under the running water or in your dish to wash away excess shampoo & you'll notice all the makeup coming off the fibers.
Once you've done this a few times & the fibers are now all white, squeeze out the excess water gently & make sure there is no excess shampoo in the hairs. 
Grab the brush guard & slip it from the bottom of the brush & over the brushes tip. 
Lay the brush on your towel. 
Continue process for the rest of the brushes. 

There is so many different techniques to this process. You can purchase a cleaning glove to make the process easier ( available from sigma)
Or you can do the easy & quick way by placing them laying down & slightly on an angle outside in the wind, by a window or if you have a mini fan place the brushes in front of it. It takes a maximum of one day for the fibers to fully dry on the larger brushes or any brushes that are very dense. 

Spot Cleaning: 

I do this twice a week to get rid any dust or excess makeup on the brush fibers. This is simple as can be. 
For this I'm using Cosmetica Brush Cleaner, available at Priceline for less than $10.
I grab a box of tissues, shakes the spray bottle & with the bottle 20cms from the brush tip I spray twice.
Grab a tissue, turn the brush upside down & swirl. 
That's it. There's no drying time as the brushes aren't completely soaked. This will take you a couple of minutes & brushes can be used again straight away.

(Here is a comparison on a newly cleaned & dried brush to a weeks worth of dirtiness)

Links for some of the items mentioned can be found below.

Thanks for reading & as always keep those glorious & beautiful faces happy.
Any questions please don't hesitate to write a comment on my blog, Instagram or Twitter.



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Brush guards were purchased on eBay last year & all brushes are available at either Priceline or Sigma.

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  1. Thank you so much for the tips, they are very beneficial really. For the past two weeks I have been testing out some new brushes from and they are quit furry and make amazing gorgeous look but i was unaware of these instructions and putting them in my makeup glass.