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Monday, 10 March 2014

Priceline SALE starting 11th to 12th March

Its that time of the year again, as the excitement started to build a couple of weeks ago Priceline finanlly released news the sale will be on from the 11th to 12th March......

This is always exciting considering when checking out the priceline website this morning ( ) essence lip liners are between $0.87c & $1.30

Il be sure to post up my haul once I'v pushed through all the cues to get the best products I can this morning.

If there is any of you lovely readers unable to make it to one of those Priceline stores youll be happy to know they will also ship orders throughout this sale for $5.95, plus most stores will be open til 10pm.

Well im off now, its 9:09am & I'v drunk my green smoothy & ready for the rush of the sale.

If theres ything you guys reccommend or want to see on my blog or IG leave me a comment on either one.

Have fun spending that money !!!!!!



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