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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sleek Blush by 3: Pink Sprint

I'm so thrilled to be writing a review about this palette as I was waiting patiently for it's arrival.
I recently made a purchase online for a couple of the sleek blush singles & I fell in love with them instantly.
They have incredible colour pay off & blend so nicely on the cheeks. 

Now we do have plenty of Australian brands that are just as good as any other makeup brand available overseas but I like to branch out and trial run anything I can get my hands on. 

Let's start off with the packaging:

The item is a lot smaller than I originally thought but it's a good size for what you get. It's very compact & great for on the run or travelling. 
If your living in the states you can pick these up for around $14.99 or in Australia from for $19.95 each with a selection of 7 different palettes.

There are plenty of choices for fair, medium or dark skin tones available.

But let's get back to my purchase.

The packaging: 

The box is a gorgeous little package with the colours of each blush splashed across the front & ingredients on the back.

The packaging of the product itself is so on point & I honestly love nothing more than something chic, simple & not overwhelming. 
It's all matte black with the large glossy name of 'sleek' placed on the front along with the information of the product  & each blushes name on the back.

On the inside:

A large mirror that takes the up one side of the packaging & then on the other you have the three blushes. 

The three shades in Pink Sprint are:

- Pink Parfait
- Pink Ice
- Pinktini

Pink Parfait:

An ultra deep berry colour with slight red undertones, I found that when swatching this on my arm it shows up quite dark but with a little blending with my blush brush it had a gorgeous finish that really complimented my tanned skin.
This will definitely be something il reach for in the colder months to match with a prominent dark lippie. 

Pink Ice: 
This was seriously bright (no kidding).
This had a slight neon type colour that you really only needed the slightest dust over with your brush to get a bright cheek. 
I loved how this looked & it will be a summer colour for me. 
Mix this with summer days out on the deck with a couple of drinks, a shimmery eye & your face will glow.


This seemed like a mix of both pink ice & pink parfait. With a slight pinky berry tone to it. 
It again was another deep colour that only needed a light dusting with my brush.
Out of all three I'd have to say this was my favorite. It took a little more time to blend out to my satisfaction but the slight pinky undertone looked so gorgeous.

(Without blending)

(With blending)


I was so happy with this purchase & I think il need to now pick up the rest including the cream blush by 3's. 
These were super pigmented & I'm not kidding on that. 
You only need the tiniest dusting to get great colour pay off.
They are non chalky & have the most perfect matte finish to them.
They slide onto the skin like butter & have a staying power of 5-6 hours (combination skin).

If you have extreme oily skin all over, these are a fab alternative to any products with sparkles or shimmer in them. 

All & all I really think this is something you will love. 
Your getting 3 blushes for just under $20. 
Because they are ao pigmented you'll barely need much product. 
This is something il be recommending to all my wonderful followers, friends & family to buy for their collections.

Hope you all enjoyed this post & don't forget to check out my Instagram & twitter, I'm always happy to hear from you guys with new ideas on products you maybe reluctant on buying & want an honest review of first. 

As always,



Instagram & Twitter:    @TarliesCorner

Products were purchased from whom I am not affiliated with in anyway. These reviews are of my own opinions only. 
Brush used for reviews: Real Techniques Blush Brush 

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