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Sunday, 6 April 2014

All about Primers

When it comes to makeup a good primer can never be turned away. I'm always surprised with the amount of people I meet that either don't know what a primer is for or its importance.

It's not something that is spoken about when your a young kid going through your mothers makeup collection.
Some beauty guru's swear by it & others think its just another unnecessary step in the application process.

My opinion, I think  its one of the most important steps.

Besides a quick face wash & moisturize which generally takes a couple of moments to really sink into your skin, a decent primer will cover & fill any fine lines & make pores disappear or smaller.
They also place a type of invisible shield on your skin to help the foundation or powder settle properly & last longer without looking too cakey.

When it comes to selecting a primer I always read the fine print & I have learnt over the years which type works with my combination skin.

There are many brands out there that can make the decision on what to purchase very confusing.

There are four types of primers available both drug store & high end:

Silicone Based:

These primers are not recommended for oily skin as these are made to smooth out any dry skin so that when foundation is applied it does not cause any further drying or flakiness on your face. This has a clear gel like consistency that will slightly feel greasy when rubbed all over.


These mostly look just like a moisturiser & they have the same consistency.

They come in a white form or with a slight tint.
As my skin is neither dry nor oily these work great, I occasionally ( like many others) get an oily t zone during the spring/summer months & that's when il change up my primer to something more suitable for the season.
A lot of these creams are now available with added benefits such as pore erasers, non oily, non drying etc.
The primers with a light tinted consistency are used to counteract any redness that may appear on your skin like rosacea plus they all have their own different added benefits.

Mattifying powder or cream primers:

Mattifying powder is great for someone with extreme oily skin where the makeup you apply simply slides off. These are designed to soak up 3 times its weight in oil & remove any traces of shine. I personally have not used any of these products but i have heard rave reviews.

If you'd prefer a cream there is a couple of brands available & these are incredible.
They truly mattify all your foundation & powders removing any & all traces of shiny skin.

I generally have a range of six various primers sitting in my draw that il mix around in my daily routine for how my skin is feeling that day/season.

Here's a preview of the primers currently in my collection:

Face of Australia 

- Face base primer with vitamine E and chamomile

Milky creamy feeling that has no nasty smell. Glides onto the skin smoothly. Perfect for dry skin but doesn't have any real staying power when it comes to full coverage makeup application.

RRP $11.95

Models Prefer

- Perfect canvas mattifying primer

I love this product & I mean really LOVE this product.

The packaging I find a little hard to actually squeeze out the primer but when you do it is incredible.
It has a slight sandy texture on first application but melts onto the skin. It does mattify makeup which its hard to find a product that actually does it job as stated on the packaging. My foundation application went on smoothly & I found my most prominent oily spots e.g. t zone & around the nose stayed oil free for up to 5-6 hours.
RRP $14.99

Australis Primer

- Prime & Finish 

This isn't the best primer for oily skin, It seems that the formula may have changed over the years because this just feels like an extra step in the makeup process with no real face value. kind of reminds of the glue paste I got in primary school or the one Billy Maddison was caught eating! 

RRP $13.95


- Porfessional Primer

Not much I can say, I've always loved this product & it most definitely helps to keep my makeup in place for a good 6-8 hours. Makeup application becomes easy as it makes the skin smooth.

I don't have very larges pores though so that is a judgement I cannot make for that subject. But I am & have always been happy with this product.
For the cost though, there are plenty of cheaper options out there. 
RRP $53.00


- Mineral Infused Primer

I have been using this primer on & off for two months. This has a gel like clear formula that is another silicone based product.

Non greasy & eases onto the skin nicely. The only warning I have for this product (as with all silicone based products) if you have sensitive, oily or acne prone skin DO NOT buy this product as it may cause your skin to have a terrible break out. Anyone with dry skin you may enjoy how refreshing & soft your skin will feel after using this primer.
RRP $8.00

Maybelline Baby Skin

- Pore Eraser

The only primer i did not take pictures of with a foundation over the top is the Maybelline baby Skin which is not currently released in Australia.

I do like silicone based primers that let my foundation slide onto my skin smoothly but this was the only primer I have ever used that completely ruined my skin for two weeks. I used it twice & within those two days my face turned itchy, red & made me break out. I've never had a problem with acne or pimples before so this was a shock. 
Everyone's skin takes to makeup differently & for me, i disliked this product far too much.
(price not disclosed for Australia)

All photos were taken with the primers underneath my L'Oreal Nude Magique Foundation

There are so many other brands of primers out there that I know it can become very confusing, don't fuss about the different brands & what others are using. Always read the fine print on packaging & look up reviews. Choose something that matches your skin & if it doesn't work throw it out. If you have any questions on the products listed please don't hesitate to let me know by commenting below or on twitter & instagram.

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  1. I also thought that the Australis primer was rubbish - wrote about it in my primer review! I tried a Models Prefer one a couple of years ago but it wasn't anything special. I see from the Priceline site that they've changed their primers so it might be worth giving it a try next time I'm in Aus visiting my mum. Here's my primer post if you're interested -