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Friday, 18 April 2014

Australis Matte Me Lip Mattifying Stick

If there is one thing I am incredibly proud of is Australian branded companies that release makeup that is affordable, don't test on animals & is good quality.

Australis has fast become an icon in the Australian makeup market, catering to all our beauty needs with cleansers, nail art & makeup products.

I'm a sucker for anything new & old that they release.
Two of my all time favorite beauty products that I use all the time & have backups of backups are the Australis Velour lips & the Australis Face Powders.

For today though I'm posting a new review on a product not talked about much from their 'Matte Me' line.

There website states: 
"Australis Matte Me Lip Mattifying Stick is a lip coat that transforms lipstick from glossy to matte. Apply as a base coat underneath lipstick."

I recently became aware of this product from a lovely beauty guru on Instagram & from the Australis Facebook page.
Due to everyone raving about all these various matte lipsticks & glosses, Australis decided to create a lipstick type product that can make any normal glossy lip product into a matte color.

I loved this idea of a mattifying lipstick for something I can keep in my cosmetic bag & take on the run with me. It also helps that some of my favorite lipsticks from Australis, FOA & Mac can now be mattified & more wearable with my matte obsession this seasons matte look.

I tried & tested this product throughout the past three weeks with various lip colors.

Before applying the lip primer I always encourage a good lip scrub & moisturize to keep that pout looking perfect.
Once that has set into my lips I then went ahead with applying the primer.
You really don't need much for this to work, the clear wax consistency melted onto my lips & filled all my lip creases.
I then applied a lipstick over the top.
Now this didn't work when using a heavy application of lipstick but a thin layer turned out fine.

I tried this with both normal lipsticks & also with already matte lipsticks, it did help to keep my lips moisturized throughout the day but only had a lasting effect for up to 2-3 hours.
I have heard a few people mention that this dried their lips which was surprising as I have some of the worst dry lips around where its a continuous trial to find the perfect moisturizing product.
My reviews are mixed on this product, i'll continue to use this over the winter season but a lot of my lipsticks didn't mattify or the colors turned to a more faded color when applied over this product.

First off lets take a look at the products I used along with the swatches

Using Australis own Color Inject Lipstick & Essence Lipstick: Non Matte

Using SportsGirl Lipsticks: Matte

Using Lime Crime Lipsticks: Matte

Using Mac Lipsticks: None Matte

It was extremely hard to pick up the true color of these products with & without the Matte Me stick. All in all this product isn't too bad, I still prefer buying other mattifying products to matte my lipsticks as this only worked half the time & seemed to fade the product more then mattifying them.
I have been toting this around in my bag for a few weeks now & have been pulling it out if I find myself having to go for a dinner or drink straight after work so I can change up my look & force myself to really test it out.
Would I recommend this?? I probably wouldn't for someone that wants a full on heavy matte coverage, someone with a lighter coverage may enjoy this product alot more than I did.

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Product names:

- Australis Colour Inject                'Honky Tonk'
- Essence Lipstick                        'Wear Berries'
- SportsGirl                                    'Wanderlust'
- SportsGirl                                    'Orange Crush'
- Lime Crime                                 'Countessa Fluorescent' 
- Lime Crime                                 'Babette'
- Mac                                              'Naked Paris'
- Mac                                              'Going Dutch'

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  1. Awesome review Tarlie! Wow that sucks that it fades the intensity of the lipstick! I'm from instagram & just stumbled on to your blog :) please check out my blog too!