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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Holiday Haul

Ah it's so good to be back in Melbourne with my freezing cold weather, dark clouds & high rise buildings.

For Easter I decided to head up to the tropics of QLD for one week to catch up with family. 
Within the first day my hair had gone frizzy & extremely unmanageable.
I swapped my full on makeup routine for something a little less over powering considering the heat would melt away most of my makeup anyway.
I spent a lot of mornings using only BB cream, waterproof mascara, a light blush,  matte face powder & my Australis setting spray.
After finally unpacking today, I enjoyed being able to play around with all my old makeup loves & some of the new goodies I picked up in QLD.

Now I was a little gutted to say the least as there was no Mac or benefit counters, the Myer makeup floor was practically empty & only stocked the basic high end Chanel & Dior to low end Maybelline & L'Oreal which I can buy almost anywhere.
Besides that disappointment I did manage to find some bargains in makeup & clothing which I'm excited to show you all. 

Let's start off with the clothing I picked up:

Jumpers, I'm a fanatic about over sized, faux leather, dark jumpers & I found these all for $10 each or less. 

Thick T-shirts & long sleeves were so cheap in Cairns as barely anyone was buying them in the extreme heat.
So it was my chance to pick up a few.
My favorite is the first one in this picture as it has faux leather sleeves & fluffy white & black lines that will be perfect with some leather tights & a fitted jacket. 

I managed to pick up two pairs of oversized pants & a pair of mid length short shorts which are a simple item to throw on, on weekends. 

Couldn't resist picking up a beanie, scarf & head scarf. 😊 

Next is the obvious favorite: Makeup

I'm already obsessed with the Sportsgirl lipsticks so picked up four more to add to my collection.

(Left to Right)
- Black Magic
- Dark Angel
- Dear Diary
- Candy 

Stocked up on a couple more Velour Lips , the Ulta3 Pout Paste & Australis Colour Inject lipstick.

(Left to Right)
- Ny-Chee
- Rio-D
- Liquid Purple
- Grunge 

Random other makeup items I found when walking through the shopping mall where:

- Nyx Super Skinny Eye Marker
- SportsGirl Paw Paw ointment
- Natural Glamour 2go bronzer
- SportsGirl lip jam 'Tropicool'
- SOS & Puti makeup tins 
- Nyx matte lip cream 'Milan'
- Stila cheek powder 

Also found two items for my international swap box. 
Both by the Sugar Baby brand.
- Bronzer
- Eye & Lip Palette 

Lovisa haul was a lot of fun. So much jewellery but I am obsessed with mid rings right now & picked a whole lot up for less than $25.00.

Last two items I picked up before I left was a new mini pouch from Oroton & a travel wallet from Forever New which I later returned as it was far too big to be used everyday. 
I've never been a huge fan of Oroton but their store was filled with the most amazing pastel colored clutches, wallets, pouches & scarfs. 
Proud to say I only walked out with the one item.

Thankgod for my wonderful mother & her professional skills of packing a carryon bag. Without her help I wouldn't have been able to bring all this back. 
This was such an enjoyable week of family, drinks, walks, sunshine & laughs.
Now though it's back to serious life & work.

Hope you enjoyed my haul & there will be plenty of swatches coming up in the week ahead. 

Tell me what you think & leave me a comment below.

As always,



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