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Friday, 18 April 2014

Holiday Makeup....'What I'm Packin'

It's gotten sooooo chilly here in Melbourne that my skincare & makeup routine has changed up so much for the coming winter season.

Two weeks ago I had the random thought to pack up & head for a week to the very sunny & warm Queensland &  get away from my beloved bustling Melbourne City & it's ice cold temperatures for a week of family, good food & relaxation. 

Yep, I'll be travelling up there all alone this time & leaving my lovely boyfriend to fend for himself. 
(I expect a dozen or so calls from him while there 'how does the blender work?) :)

When travelling I try & pack as light as possible, this isn't for practicality reasons. This is because when ever I travel somewhere I tend to shop shop shop!! 
So I pack light & save space for the the returning flight where I can then panic about how much my wallet will be squeezed for upfront overweight baggage costs.
This may seem like alot for some but this is my makeup essentials for my trip. 

Lets see 'what I'm packin
(using my best Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry voice)


This is the basic skin care il need whilst up in QLD, due to the limits on how much I can take (speaking of Milliliters) I'm taking a mix of samples & I purchased travel bottles to put the creams & liquids in.


Brushes & tools

I also suggest pulling out the ol' sample sized products, these are perfect for travel & a great way to finally use them up.

Hope you enjoyed the post all you beauty babes out there, pictures on IG & Twitter maybe a little scarce this week due to me soaking up some sun with the family but like any social addict I'll make sure to post up some pictures when I can or before my withdrawals start.

Enjoy your Easter break.



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