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Thursday, 24 April 2014

How to clean your Beauty Blender

So a couple of weeks ago I decided on splurging & I purchased the well over hyped 
Beauty Blender & after my first try I have fallen in love.
Sadly my Sigma F80 will now be put aside & possibly forgotten about.

The Beauty Blender is a latex-free sponge that gives the skin a flawless airbrushed finish that everyone tries so hard to get using a brush.

How it works:

The concept of the sponge is to use it wet (not soaked). This prevents the sponge from sucking up all the foundation & slightly pushing it into the skin with every bounce.

It's also great to use for applying baked products onto the face as the powder eases onto the skin effortlessly. beny Nye's Banana Powder works well applied using the sponge under the eyes to set your concealer & highlight that area. 

The pointed end of the Beauty Blender is used for the smaller areas of the face to conceal blemishes & dark circles. The round base is used for foundation to bounce the product on the larger areas of the face so that there are no harsh lines or streaks.

I completed dozens of searches on 'How to clean your BB' when I first purchased it. Without checking first I would have gone & used my everyday makeup brush cleaner, baby shampoo or soap. Now I'm glad I didn't. 
There are so many forums advising that any cleanser used but the BB cleanser can be harsh & ruin it on the first wash. From this information I like to keep it safe & I purchase the BB cleanser in the soap form rather than the liquid (personal choice).

For those who have asked me via Twitter & Instagram on how I clean my Beauty Blender here is my tutorial.

Step 1.
Just like makeup brush cleaning I recommend lukewarm water (not boiling) running at intervals.
Wet your blender under the tap & gently squeeze it so water goes through the whole sponge.

Step 2.
You can either do one end of the sponge first or both it is completely up to you.
Dip the sponge in your cleanser & swirl it around.
You'll see the white soap applied to the sponge & some of your makeup left on the soap.

Step 3.
Place the sponge in the palm of your hand & place it under the running tap.
Now gently squeeze squeeze squeeze.
You'll see the sponge become soapy & when making the squeezing motion the makeup will flow out of the sponge.
Keep going until you see the water become clear & the sponge is no longer soapy or filled with suds.
(make sure no soap comes out).

Step 4.
Grab a dry towel & squeeze the sponge gently to remove excess water. 
Place the sponge just like your makeup brushes by a window or flowing air to dry.

( Here's a look at a cleaned BB & a new one. The color difference isn't much )

That's it...... it's one of the quickest cleaning techniques I have come across & so much easier than cleaning your foundation brush. 
If you see a slight pink tinge to the water when cleaning your BB DON'T PANIC!!!! 
I have checked many forums & this is completely normal as the sponge is colour dyed. The brightness will fade after many washes but the BB will remain as good as always.

A tutorial/review might be in the mix on the BB as this is a product I have become mad about & use everyday.
If you'd like to purchase one for yourself to try I have added links in below for the cheapest on the net, within Australia & a company that has never failed to deliver my items within a week.



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Disclaimer: Please note I am not affiliated with any of the above brands or companies, the sole point of this post is to inform owners of BB's the correct way to clean their product.


  1. Nice post! I love the beauty blender so much and have been using it for over a year now. I clean it with a facial soap in bar form (the neutrogena one) and I find it is more effective than the bb cleanser. Also if you notice that there is a dark area on your sponge it means that there is makeup trapped in there. There is a simple method to get it out which I posted on my blog :)
    I love your blog. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks kate.

      I got my dark spots out after my tutorial.
      Thats the only downside. I'm surprised by the amount of BB's apparently tearing.
      I havn't had that as yet.



  2. This is a great post, I love my beauty blender, have you tried the Real Techniques blender yet?

    Jac x0x

    1. No not yet, I've heard only positive things.
      I tried alot of dupes before I purchased this & they weren't very effective.