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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Makeup & Beauty Brushes on my wish list for 2014

My wish list for 2014 has now slightly changed as new items have been announced & older items have come back in my view & calling out for me to buy them.

I think I have enough palettes these days to last me forever & I've never been a huge fan of quads but there are too many gorgeous lines to be released.

The first on my list has to be by Mac cosmetics, ever since hearing the new collaborations with Lorde & the double duo Proenza Schouler I've been ever so excited.
I love the bold greens & magical colours of the Proenza collection.

Next is Mac collaboration with the amazing Lorde, her dark goth type look for this collection looks amazing in every way, I'm especially excited for the dark plum lipsticks. 
Although like every collection Australia will be behind in getting this stock I have considered utilising my forward shipping service but no decision has been made yet.

Next up on my list is the Urban Decay: Electric Palette:
I love the bold use of colours created in this palette & I have seen some incredible looks created over the net since its release. 
It's now been on my list for a good month or so & this is one palette I will not miss out on this year.

Soleil Tan De Chanel:
My next item that I have been lusting over for almost 6 months but continue forget to purchase is the Soleil Tan De Chanel.
Ever since seeing this on Tiffany D's blog last year I've been wanting to get my hands on it. 
Its velvety smooth consistency is apparently amazing as a liquid contour cream.
I've always noted that I prefer using a liquid more than a powder as it creates a more subtle & natural looking contour.

Mac Prep & Prime Skin:
I continue to see this everywhere & although the item isn't horrendously expensive it's another product that isn't a must have but more a want.
I'm always trying to find the perfect primer for my skin & keen to give this one a go. 

Milani Rose Blushes:
I love these simply for the packaging & the way the product looks. I love the baked blushes & how amazing they work on my skin & these look amazing. 
I'm wanting all four that are currently on the market from this collection & I'll have to order them before they become discontinued.

Anastasia Dip Brow Promenade
One of the item's I'm always seeing other's buying & raving about.
I very rarely need to apply any type of powder or product onto my brows as I love the natural look without having straight dead lines.
I purchased one of her brow kits last year & it was one of the best purchases so far in my collection.
I'm excited for this to be back in stock & ready to purchase

Last on the makeup list is the release of Mac's Alluring Aquatic line. I've seen various posts about this line & the packaging is incredible. 
There will be various Extra Dimension eye shadows, lip glasses, lipsticks etc.
The main items on my list from this collection is the Mac Refined Golden bronzing powder, Sea Me Hear Me Blush, Seduced at Sea Blush, Enchanted One Matte Lipstick & finally Goddess of the Sea Lipstick.

Makeup beauty brushes/tools:
I have various brushes from different collections including Mac, Sigma, Real Techniques & Eco Tools but I am yet to get my hands on the last brushes I need to complete my kit.
These include:

- Sigma F35 under eye setting brush
- Mac 242 
- Nars Ita Brush

So what's on your wish list for 2014? Will you be picking up any of the above products?My list could probably go on & on but these are the items I have been wanting for awhile & I am determined to purchase this year.

Thanks for dropping by & catching up on my 2014 wish list.



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