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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What I watched on YouTube last night

So anyone of you guys & girls started up your obsessions about makeup, handbags or fashion through YouTube??

I'm guilty of this one, ever since seeing the amazing Becca Rose with her adorable accent, penchant for big top hair & her simple fashion choices I became obsessed.

Today i thought I'd show you who I watched last night on YouTube.

Lets start of with Becca

Her style is just gorgeous & she reminds me of the singer Duffy with her front bangs split in the middle & her hair top more teased than I could wear.

I'm a regular visitor on her Becca's blog & love seeing her Primark hauls which I'm hoping in the future i'll get the chance to travel & see.

She hasn't stopped there though & also has a very successful Youtube Channel where you get to see first hand her very funny quirky side & her pristine simple fashion choices.

Next up is Miss Lauren Curtis

This girl makes us Australians so incredibly proud, & she's a lover of the all white look for fashion & within her apartments design which is something I've also always loved.

Every time you hear that giggle on her Youtube videos you have to laugh along with it.
I give kudos to this girl for also standing up for Animal Rights & having her say & asking people to share these things around. We honestly need more celebrities & people with a large social media following to speak up about these situations.

Other than that she has been a YouTube sensation taking over the beauty world.
I love her simple & quick tutorials & also her very complicated ones.
She transitioned from Perth, Western Australia over to the hustle & bustle of inner city Sydney. Moving into her own apartment & continuing on with her business ventures.
She is one of my favorites to watch due to the fact that many times she uses Australian branded products which is something that still hasn't really taken the overseas market by storm.

You want a good laugh & some really simple makeup techniques, go watch this girl!!!

Miss Shaaanxo

This is another one I'm so proud of because she's a Kiwi (little proud clap).
I always have a little giggle when I see some of her comments on Youtube about her accent.
Clearly us New Zealander's just have that awesome little accent that everyone loves (haha).
She is a regular poster who never lets her followers & subscribers down. 
She creates the most gorgeous looks for girls aged between 14 - 28.
I have to say her use of a bold lippy matched with a bright eye is something I really admire & have started to put into my own routines to experiment.

She also has a blog that I believe she has now restarted but with no set dates for posting.
Clickable links are in this post if you'd like to take a peek.

One of the first ever people I subscribed to on YouTube was Mr Wayne Goss.
This guy knows every single technique when it comes to the basics & the extremes of makeup. I've watched his Kim Kardashion contour & highlight video so many times that I've probably upped his viewer count on the video by double. 
He's so talented & one of the makeup artist I always jot pointers down from.
His quick no mess around attitude in makeup tutorials makes it easy to understand & learn new processes.
His brush collection is something I have listed on my 'wants' for 2014. Here's hoping I have them by the end of the year. 

Have you seen his videos? Did you love them just as much as me?

The amazing JerushaCouture

Ok so this one isn't particularly makeup related but this is where I go for my weekly intake of Louis Vuitton bags. Jerusha is a Sydney sider gal with a hilarious attitude & a collection of designer bags, pouches & clutches that could make any handbag fanatic 'squeal' with delight.
The whole reason I genuinely fell in love with the brand for its craftsmanship was because of this girl. She also has her own online shop which I was originally going to purchase my 'Jerusha Pouch' off but decided to hold off until my iMats Sydney trip in December so I could actually walk & browse her store.
You want a good laugh & see some gorgeous bag reviews check out this girl. 

Another very simplistic girl who's style & makeup selections are something I admire.
I first came across her YouTube when searching for makeup collection videos which at one stage I was completely obsessed with.
Her's stood out as her vanity wasn't over thrown with countless bottles of makeup. It was simple, clean & not like many other Youtubers.
I love her style & you might to.
Go check out her videos & blog.

The adorbz canadian who is now an Aussie Karissa Pukas

Yep!!! you heard right, Australia has welcomed this amazing girl with open arms.
She moved from Canada a couple of years ago to Australia is a very successful beauty guru & model. 
Her penchant for keeping a healthy lifestyle is something I enjoy most about her. She also knows how to take a good joke & laugh about it.
I love love love her closet, it's incredible & her selections for summery sweet dresses are so darn cute.
Most of you will already know this girl & follow her on Instagram just like me, if you haven't seen her youtube click here !

Honestly there are so many other people I watch but this is the list of beauty guru's watched last night while sipping on my tea, snuggled under my blankets with a pen & paper.

I will complete another post listing every guru that I have subscribed to on my YouTube & bloggers list for anyone who would like to delve into my life a little more.

For now I hope you enjoyed this post & all links for the above guru's are listed above. 

As Always,



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  1. I love Wayne Goss, he is got to be one of the best teachers!

    1. I agree, he doesn't muck around & gets straight to the point.
      He's amazing!!