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Monday, 26 May 2014

Battle of the Brands: Jessop or Sigma

The word on the street is Jessop makeup brushes are just as good as sigma & considered one of the best dupes at the cheapest price. 

Well I'm here today to tell you guys how I went with comparing the two brands & if I think the cheaper dupes are worth the hype.

My delivery took 3 weeks from China (which is normal).
On first look I was pleasantly surprised with how identical the kabuki brushes were to my Sigma brushes. There are various different sets that you can purchase from this seller ranging from $8.00AUS to $30.00AUS all with free or cheap shipping.
I ordered the Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Kit that contains:

Tapered Kabuki - Cream & liquid foundation to hard to reach places
Round Kabuki - Blend mineral products on the skin
Angled Kabuki - Cream blush or bronzer
Flat Kabuki - Liquid or cream foundations

Precision Tapered: Concealer
Precision Round: Eye shadow base or primer
Precision Flat: Stipple concealer on spots
Precision Angled: liquid & cream concealer to hard to reach places

Larger Brushes

Sigma F82 vs jessup: Round top Kabuki

I generally don't use my Sigma F82 to apply my liquid foundation as I enjoy my F80 far more for gaining a flawless look but many people prefer this type of rounded top.

Sigma F88 vs Jessup: Flat Angled Kabuki.

This is a close one but the Jessup version is rounded on top rather than completely flat like the Sigma version. I generally use my Sigma brush to contour my cheeks or apply a countour on my nose by pushing the product in.
The Jessop version works just as well but the product tends to go out of the precise area due to the rounded top.

Sigma F80 vs Jessup: Flat top foundation brush

My favorite foundation brush of all time (literally this is a must for any collection)
My Sigma has always been a favorite so I was excited to compare these two the most. The Jessup works ok but I found I needed more product to get a flawless face. The fibers are not as dense as Sigma brushes so the product seems to sink straight to the bottom of the brush.

Sigma F86 vs Jessup: Tapered Kabuki

Lately I haven't been using my beauty blender (naughty I know) & instead used my tapered kabuki to apply & blend out my concealer around my eyes.
It works wonders & gets into all my hard to reach places.
The Jessup version does exactly the same. At no stage have I been able to fault it's application.

Smaller brushes

Precision Tapered

I used this for concealer in the corners of my eyes, worked wonders & I really enjoyed this brush.

Precision Round

Used to apply eye shadow primer or base on your eyes. Worked OK but seemed to cling to the product too much.

Precision Flat

Used to stipple concealer onto blemishes & sun spots. I didn't use this brush as I don't currently have any blemishes. But it seemed to work fine when I completed a dummy test on my hand.

Precision Angled 

Used to apply products around the nose & hollows of the cheek.
Again another brush I didn't use as I have no need for it.
Unable to give a review on this one.

I am so pleased with these brushes in terms of value for money.
If your on a budget then these are a great alternative.
Although wonderful, they are not exactly the same as Sigma brushes, they are not as dense & you can 100% feel the difference in weight when holding both brands.
My Sigma brushes have lasted me almost a year now with barely any fall out what so ever.
The fibers are easy to clean & work perfectly every time.
The Jessup brushes on the other hand are extremely soft on first use, the fallout of the tiny hairs are more than my Sigma brushes but again that was expected.
I have heard rumors that the coloured handle Jessop brushes sometimes have a heavy smell of paint, thankfully I purchased the plain black & silver & I had no paint smell at all. 

If you'd like to purchase the Jessup brushes & try them for yourself click here!
To see the full range available click here!
To check out Sigma's kabuki kits click here!
Or Sigma's premium kit click here!



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  1. These look awesome :o I'm gonna have to order some!

    1. It's worth the price, especially if your on a budget :)