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Friday, 30 May 2014

Benefit b.right! 6 pack Radiant Skincare

I have been wanting to get my hands on this skincare pack for some time.
Most of the products detailed in my latest skincare routine were from all natural ingredient brands.
I was intrigued by this purchase as I've seen plenty of mixed reviews over the past few months.

The pack comes with six deluxe miniature products that generally last a couple of weeks.

- Foaming cleansing wash 8.9g
- Refined finish facial polish 8.9g
- Moisture prep toning lotion
- Triple performance facial emulsion
- Total moisture facial cream
- It's potent eye cream

I really have to give a thumbs up to those clever people over at the benefit head quarters for always knowing what type of quirky & cute packaging they should use.
Never one to disappoint there were a mix of plastic bottles & glass bottles in this set, all with a green themed colour.

There's no typical card or booklet that shows you exactly how to use each product except for a tiny label on the back of each product but if you at least know the basics of skincare then it'll be very easy for you to figure out.

How it went

The foaming wash was quite pleasant. I only needed the tiniest amount in my hand for it to foam up & cover my entire face & remove all makeup.

Next I used the refined facial polish & I love how smooth this made my skin. As per usual face scrubs & cleansers, this had tiny beads throughout it that removed all dead skin & left over makeup. My skin tends to need something that isn't too harsh otherwise I turn bright red. Thankfully this just made my skin so smooth...& hooray no itching!!!

After my scrub I moved onto the Moister prep toning lotion. 
Honestly this is a step I very rarely go through with as I don't believe its a hundred percent beneficial in anyway. But for the sake of experimenting it turned out fine.
The toner is a lot smoother, with a slight white opaque colour.
It smoothed & washed my face nicely.

next up on the list was the two different moisturizers you have to choose from- Triple  performance facial emulsion or Total Moisturizer face cream.
The facial emulsion is usually used for the morning due to it having SPF as an ingredient.
As I'm writing this at night, I decided to go for the total moisture option.
It was smooth & sunk into my skin nicely.

Last up we have one of the most hyped up products I know of...It's potent eye cream.
I have dreadful dark circles & was hoping that this product would live up to its name of helping them to fade. Unfortunately didn't. But it went on smoothly & seemed to help with not making the skin around my eyes feel so tight in the morning.

I have to say I was quite pleased with this set, I paid $24 at a benefit counter in Melbourne & it was definitely worth the cost. The cleansers lasted me a good two weeks even though I was using them everyday, the glass bottles are still a quarter full & the moisturizer & eye cream have plenty of product left to last me around a month or so of everyday use. 
I should also add that i had no breakouts of any kind...woah say what?
This was both surprising & pleasing & my skin felt so soft after ever use.

Would I recommend the full size products?? Yes I would but I'll leave that judgement up to my readers.



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  1. I may have to give some of that a go! For $24, it's definitely worth having a trial. :)

    Beth. x

    1. It's a bit of a bargain in my book, it's definitely worth a try