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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Benefit Haul

I honestly can't believe how quick my order arrived from Benefit Cosmetics
If you managed to have a read of my Month of May Haul post I let you guys & girls know that I had a large list of products I saved up for & have been ticking them off one by one.
I made my order with Benefit on the 12th of May & thought it would hit June before I saw my delivery... Today as I was typing away at my desk I heard the girls down at reception call out my name for another delivery (they tend to sit around me when I open up my deliveries now).
The box was a lot smaller than I thought but all the products were tucked in there nicely & wrapped up using Benefit's gorgeous pink tissue paper.
I also got an extra sample pack of the Big Easy BB which was a nice little touch.

Here's what I got....

Hello flawless oxygen wow 
I already prepared myself for this one & went into the Benefit kiosk at Chadstone to try out their colour choices & match myself up. My colour choice was Honey I'm so Money.
I've been wanting to try this foundation for so long, it has amazing reviews & the fact I see it all the time on Instagram, I just had to get it to try. 

This is a cult fav, many love it & just as many dislike it.
I've had this blush before & I had used it so much that it went way past hitting pan so a new one was needed.

Gimme brow
I havn't tried this but have seen the product raved about. I do wish they made a bigger tube because its not exactly cheap but I recently purchased the Mac version & I'm excited to compare the two products for everyone.

Boi-ing Concealer
I swear I am forever looking for the perfect concealer to cover blemishes. I love my Mac pro long wear & it'll always be a long time favorite but hearing that this is 'Industrial Strength' made me want to give it a try.
Hopefully its as good as others have said although due to creasing it will not be used under the eyes.

Instant brow pencil
RRP $20US 
This one isn't for usual I quickly Pm'd my cousin in Sydney & asked if she needed anything considering everything costs about half of what we pay in Australia.
Still she'll be excited to receive this in the mail next week. 

Porefect hideaway pack
Thankfully when I made my order I came across this by chance, I'm almost out of my Porefessional which you guys know is already a favorite of mine. When I found this double back for a couple of dollars more than I would have paid for just the primer I couldn't resist.
This comes with a full sized Porefessional & a delux sample of the Fake Up concealer.
The price I can see maybe confusing, it stated on the box $32 but the price I got it for was $31....a dollar off so I can't complain.

Cabana Glama Kit 
RRP $18US 
Ok so this was kind of sneaky, I heard rumors that this little kit was about to be discontinued (unsure if 100% true) so due to it being on my list I quickly made the purchase & got it on sale (yay).

- Boi-ing
- Fakeup 
- Big Easy BB 

I love when companies send me samples, I do wish it was deluxe samples given I had spent so much but I was happy for a couple of mini's that I may use in giveaways or give to family & friends.

Now to the nitty gritty, how much did this haul cost??
I paid $175 for everything which gave me free shipping, minus my cousins item it brings my haul to $155.
Considering how much more it would have cost if I had bought all these at Myer Melbourne, I added all the items together at Australian prices & that would have cost me $322!!
I recommend writing down a list of the benefit items you need over time & bulk ordering.
In the end it will save you a ton of money.

I'm thrilled that Benefit ship internationally, for how much you pay the savings are amazing & the delivery time surprised me!!!!

Any of these items on your list or you've already got them?
Let me know your thoughts as I'd love to hear your opinions.



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