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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Current Skincare Routine

Skincare is a topic you can locate all over the net. It's about knowing your skin, what products work for you & what simply don't.
If you have sensitive skin you want something with no harsh chemicals, if you have oily skin you need a good oil free/oil fighting cleanser. 

For those of you who don't already know, I have combination skin whereas the only aggravating areas are my T-Zone & around the nose which tends to be the only oily area on my face. I use a sensitive cleanser to prevent my skin from becoming itchy & dry. 
Here I'll go through my current skincare routine that works for me & my busy day to day life.

My products change up frequently.
Lately after some serious searching I found a new brand by Essano which is a new little New Zealand brand (proud moment) that is available at Priceline
The main ingredient of its products are using Rosehip oil which is scientifically proven to help fight scars, fine lines & sun damage.
I also wanted a product that was natural with no Parabens, Silicone, Sulphates & a number of other nasty ingredients.
I was lucky enough to get a trial kit from Priceline for around $19.99 which contained a night cream, face cleanser, moisturizer, body lotion & rosehip oil. 
I'm now using all the items almost daily in my skincare routine & absolutely love them & will be heading back to buy the full sized products once these become empty.

Scrubs, Cleansers, Makeup wipes

Coles Homebrand face wipes: When I'm feeling tired & lazy I grab these in a heart beat. I've basically used the same makeup wipes for years, their cheap, don't react with my skin & contain no harsh chemicals & remove all traces of makeup with a quick wipe.
I do continuously try makeup wipes that I find at stores or new ones that hit the market but nothing seems to work for me except these (weird huh). These are available at Coles Australia for $2.50 a pack.

Frank body Scrub: Yes I know, this is a scrub not a face cleasner but Frank said its ok ;).
I'm already addicted to this scrub for a twice a week body wash to remove dead skin, dirt ect but as a little face scrub this product is insanely good.
I use this once a week on a sunday evening & it removes any horrible build up of makeup & skin that may be hiding somewhere on my face.
The benefit of this is how my face feels afterwards, soft, smooth & awake.
I love it!!
Available at

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: You either love this item or you hate it.....
For me this is a love product. I use this everyday to remove my mascara & it works amazingly. I place a tiny amount on a rounded makeup wipe & hold it over my eyelids for 10-15 seconds.  You can also buy the more expensive version by Bioderma but this product works just as good.
Available at Woolies, Coles & Chemists.

Essanso Face Cleanser: I've never liked to place any type of face wash or cleanser that has a scent on my face as it tends to irritate me even more. But this product is completely natural & the smell of roses is derived from its main ingredient 'Rosehip Oil'.
This removes all my makeup that the first makeup wipe may of missed & it works fabulously.

Sukin Facial Cleanser: Seriously this is like a holy grail product that il never give up from my weekly routine. Now the picture is taken in a different spot due to it being in my shower & I had to clean the bottle up just a tad for you guys & gals. My skin unfortunately is prone to small exzema break outs. Something I've had since I was born. Fortunately over the years I've learnt through tough love of other products, what I can use & what types of chemicals in some products will flare this up. This one is a permanent fixture ontop of my bathroom vanity or in the shower. I've even got my boyfriend using it which has got to add on some bonus points.
Sukin have an extensive range at all chemist & il definitely be trying some of their other items in their line!!
Holy grail....definitely.

Toners & Face Sprays

I believe its very beneficial to both your face & makeup to keep a small bottle of face spray in your bag for when you need to feel a little more refreshed & have your makeup look a little better as the hours roll on. 

Lush Breath of Fresh Air: I use this in the mornings to help my skin feel more rejuvinated & awake. No harsh chemicals again which is an extra benefit for me.

Indio Skin Tonic: I received this in my April Bella Box & its the perfect size for my handbag. I use this throughout the day to fix up my makeup & keep my skin feeling (well) alive. 

Face Oils

These are fantastic little inventions, I know there are a ton of you out there that run for the hills as soon as you hear the words oil & face in the same sentence (trust me I was the same). But with new science & new natural products hitting the market daily these are a new love of mine.
Face oils are full of many benefits from reducing scars to helping heal any built up acne you may have. 
These are also fantastic for dry skin as the oils melt onto the face & your skin is more than willing to suck it in. It's best to always apply the oil after moisturizer as an added rejuvenation procedure.

Nude Oil: This already seems to be quite a favorite with alot of people & so far so good with helping to fix some of my varied skin problems. Rubbing in a little of this on your face before bed will help your skin to heal over night.
Available at major chemists. 

Essano Rosehip oil:  After using the Nude Oil for quite some time I started using this little guy that came in my trial pack.
I love the sweet but subtle smell of roses & using a couple of drops on my face & rubbing it in well before bed but after my night cream helps to make my skin feel soft & smooth in the morning & has done away with the small dry patches around my noses from the freezing winter we are currently feeling in Victoria.


Essano Face Moisterizer: Fabulous subtle scent of the Rosehip oil, I use this daily by rubbing it into my skin before makeup application.

Essano Night Cream: The last item that came in my trial pack & I have been using this every night before bed & under my Rosehip oil.
Works wonders with removing any patchiness on my skin.

Loreal Youth Code: This was my go to night cream for years & years & still a favorite product of mine. My skin is quite sensitive so if I use a heavy moisterizer my skin goes oily, too light & my skin doesnt take to it & it sits there on my face without soaking in.
This is perfect as a night cream & really helps to speed up the healing process whilst you sleep.

So that's it, that's my daily/weekly skincare routine minus the lip scrub & chapstick which is another important step for me before bed.
Remember that a routine is extremely important if you want the best to come out of your skin.
Its your base & you need to keep it healthy & happy.

If you have your very own routine I'd love to see it, let me know by leaving me your link in the comments or if you have any general questions about my routine please do the same.



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  1. Great post! The Essano products look great, I will have to check them out. I love the Frank scrub too. My skin has never felt so soft!!

    Bec- Beautybloggingwithbec.

    1. I'm currently obsessed with the Frank scrub also.
      The smell of the coffee & how my skin feels afterwards is amazing :)



  2. Great post! I want to try the Essano range now!!! xx

    1. It's so cheap for a trial sized box.
      So worth it to be able to try new products for a good few weeks.