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Sunday, 18 May 2014

How - To: Depot that Mac

When I received my package from Mac last week I got so giddy because I have been holding off getting any of the Pro Palettes because I didn't think I needed them.
I was completely wrong. 
It's so much easier having all your single eyeshadows you purchase from Mac in the one place rather than opening up a draw & trawling through a bunch of different colours.
There are plenty of alternatives though, Z Palettes for example are fantastic & easy just as easy to use. 

Am I the only one out there that got overly excited when they first learnt how to depot eyeshadows & blushes that they sort of went on a rampage & depotted a bunch of products?
Yep that's me, & now I'm stuck with a bunch of eyeshadows i never use because there's no where to put them.

But this tutorial I figured may help a few newbies on how to 'Depot that Mac'.

First off, you have two options when purchasing mac eyeshadows, you can either purchase them in the casings or as an empty pan which is a lot cheaper if your planning on depotting them anyway. 

Step 1.

This is my version of the how-to process but there are plenty of other tutorials available on the net.

You'll need the following: 
Mac Eyeshadows/Blushes, Aluminium foil, a knife with a pointed edge (steak knife works best), or a pin, double sided adhesive (maybe), hair straightener & small rounded magnets.

Step 2.

Put some type of cloth under your hair straightener so it doesn't burn your bench ect. I thankfully have my GHD heat protecter case so I utilise this whenever I'm using the straightener. 
Turn your straightener on so that it has time to heat up.

Step 3.

Using the pointed end of your knife, open your Mac eyeshadow & push (gently) the tip of the knife into the tiny mark at the front of the container. Slowly turn the knife & your eyeshadow pan will pop out.

Step 4.

Place a small squared amount of foil onto your hot straightener & place the Mac cartiridge on top. That part of these steps is completely optional, I don't put foil on before placing the cartridge but it is recommended so that you don't melt the plastic everywhere. Leave it there for a good 20 - 30 seconds.
Grab the corner of the cartridge (careful this will be hot & make sure NOT to touch the bottom) & bring it to the side.
At this point you want to gently push the tip of your knife on the side of your Mac pan & gently pop it out or alternatively push the pin in the same way & pop out the pan.

Step 5.

Leave the mac pan to cool as the metal will be very hot. 
Once cooled you'll see a sticky residue on the bottom which is the glue that holds the Mac pan to the catridge. At this stage it is completely up to you to either remove the glue with some type of rubbing alcohol or reuse it by sticking your small rounded magnet on the bottom & leaving it there to dry.

Step 6.

Complete & depot the rest of your shadows/blushes.
Once the magnet is stuck on the bottom & glue has dried I grab all the empty containers & pull off each eyeshadow/blush label.
Here I stick some of the double sided adhesive/tape on the magnet & restick the label. This is so you know exactly which shadow is which.

( Don't mind my horrendous straightener...this little guy is now on his 10th year )

Step 7.

Place the shadow in either an empty Mac pan (which is magnetised) or using the 15 pan insert place the shadow in one of the pan sections.

And your done, that's it.
It's one the easiest things to do, be careful & don't get carried away like I did. 

With the empty mac containers, I place the cartridge back into the casing.
 I always keep these in an empty mac bag & use them for my back to mac. This way there's no wastage & you get a free lipstick. (I'm serious, a free mac lipstick!)

If you've only just bought the pans from Mac which I recommend if you prefer your eyeshadows in a palette, they will look like this & come with a magnet already attached.

Always remember that this tuturial is not for children & I do not recommend them using knives & hot tools. (just incase, I don't want any harm to be caused ;) )

All about the casings:

Want to see what types of empty palettes I have so far, where you can purchase them & what can be used in this tutorial?? Click Here 



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  1. Great post bebe! I really needed this tutorial because honestly i have been holding off because i have no idea how to pop them in!
    Thank youuuu x

    1. Thankyou :)

      It's a really simple process once you get the hang of it all.
      The only downfall is on the off chance a shadow shatters.

      Good Luck