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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Month of May: Haul

I've been pretty bad when it comes to buying up makeup & all sorts this month but thankfully I spent two months saving for the items I purchased & had everything written down on a list.
Most of the items I purchased were high end products that on a usual shopping day I wouldn't even look at twice due to the price tag.
But lately I've been determined to invest in some higher priced makeup rather than buying a ton of cheaper drug store items.

Now besides two other packages I am waiting for from Benefit & Discount Beauty Boutique which will arrive in a few weeks (seperate blog post when they arrive) this is what I've purchased & now slashed off my list.


Mac 'Black Track' fluid line (repuchase): My favorite to use for my winged eyeliner. This stuff is super black & stays all day/night without smudging.  My last pot lasted me forever so it is definitely worth the money.

Mac prolong wear brow gel 'Ebony': New purchase, I love my brow kits. I have a couple of drug store ones that work perfectly but I've never tried the tinted gel form. Since this release I've been desperate to compare both this one & the benefit one for you guys. So keep a look out.

Mac 'lightscapade' MSF: I've been dead set on having every Mac highlighter in my collection (no reason of's more a want then a need) unless it's a colour I really dislike. This is the last item from Mac that I will be ordering for awhile (mostly due to cost) until the Alluring collection is released.

Chi Chi BB Cream: I purchased this on the recommendation from Beauty By Bek as she has sworn by this product. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised.
I've been switching up between my new Mecca primer & this BB cream as a base for the past week & it's incredible. I think this is now my new fave & I thank everybody from Instagram that told me this product was superb.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (repurchase): This is my ultimate high end foundation. I love the dewy look now that its in winter so I don't go for my Nars Sheer Matte anymore.
This is a pricey item ($68AUD) but worth every penny. I use this as my go to foundation on nights out when I want to look absolutely flawless & have full coverage that stays.

Too Faced Candlelight Duo: This was something I added onto my list at the start of the month after seeing a few other bloggers & Youtubers using this product.
It has two highlighters in this compact with a white gold & a pink highlighter. I won't give you guys too much info as I shall be reviewing this product in the coming weeks.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer: An item that has been on my list for almost forever.
It was listed as recommended for medium skin tones for people wanting to get the best matte contour without over coloring your inner cheek.
This has the most amazing smell of chocolate that is quite addictive & the colour payoff is perfect.
I've been using this for two weeks & a review will be coming shortly.

Mac Gold Deposit Highlighter: I've gone back & forth with myself over this product. (do i need it? will i use it?) so for my collections sake I went ahead & purchased it anyway.
This is not recommended for light skin as the colour payoff is very pigmented & alot of shimmer but is perfect for a summer glow.
It took me forever to get my hands on this as it's been sold out for ages. Thankfully I have a dear friend that works at Mac & she called me as soon as she had one come in store.

Mecca Illuminating Primer: Ever since the Mecca line was released I was fascinated & wanted to try atleast one product from their brand. 
Thankfully this primer wasn't as expensive as I originally thought ($38)  & you get quite a bit in the bottle. I can't wait to tell you guys how I've gone with this (again you'll have to awaite a blog post).

BE Brush Cleaner (repurchase): I've mentioned this tons of times now 'BEST BRUSH CLEANER'.
This isn't high end but now that I've run out of this cleanser (it lasted 4 months) I had to search for it again. You want a good drugstore cleaner, I insist you go take a look at this product.
($9.95 at Priceline)

L'Oreal True Match Foundation (repurchase): My absolute favorite drugstore foundation that I can't live without. I get a flawless coverage from this product & it lasts my long working hours.
For a mini review on this check out my post product empties here.

Jessop 8 Brush Kit: I've heard everybody talk about these brushes on Instagram & other blogs & I thought for guys, I'll test these out & give you my opinion.
Upcoming post is in the works.

Makeup Samples

Like most trips to Mecca, the beautiful girls at the Southland store are always too kind.
This time I was given four samples including another high end foundation that has been on my list to try.
I will let use know how my sample of the Stila foundation turns out. 

Living/Home Decor

I am obsessed with home decor, If you didn't know already I am almost 25 & have my own home with my partner Mike. The house we are currently in is only 3 years old, very slick, all white & modern which is my preferred taste.
The benefit of everything being white is I get to spruice it up with pops of colour & add my own touch on a blank canvas. 
(Let me know if use want a home tour as that is something I have been thinking about for awhile)

Big W x4 white brush holders
I've been using the white metal planter pots that everyone has from Ikea for what feels like forever & as much as they look amazing & very chic I decided on a change.
This time I took a leaf out of Lauran Curtis's book & purchased some all white square boxes.
Thankfully on the day I went to buy these they were on special in Big W for $2 each.

Ikea Tulips
I already had tulips on my vanity but I wanted something lighter, shorter & not connected at the bottom.
These are quite sweet & I love the way they look on my vanity.

Ikea crushed stones
These were to fill my vase for the tulips & to fill the brush holders but I decided after setting up everything on my vanity that I prefer the look without the stones. 
I'll leave these for something else in the future.

Valencia Bath Treats Candle
I came across this brand via Instagram (god I love that app & how easily it makes you spend money.....unknowingly of course).
I usually purchase glasshouse candles as they are my favorite **cough vanilla caramel is insanely good** but they are very expensive at $40+ in the city.
This time I tried a different brand & purchased a Salted Caramel triple scented candle for $35. Not much cheaper but smells absolutely divine.
I also live in an open plan home so I need something quite strong for the scent to fill the air.

This was such a long blog post but I attempted to keep it simple as most products will be featured in upcoming posts.
Now that I've ticked off almost everything on my list that was really pricey (there are a few more but I may wait a couple of months) I can relax & stop the spending spree.

I hope you enjoyed this post & make sure to leave me a comment with any questions.

As always,



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  1. Great haul hun :) several items are still on my wishlist. Im exactly the same im a neeu product nunlit but I tru now to invest in good high end bits rather tgdy buying lots of cheap drugstore just for the sake of having a big collection. It's more about what I really want now. Oooh you should do a room tour xo


    1. Thanks Missy,

      When I did my clean out I noticed so many drug store products I barely used. These are more exciting & given the price will force me to use them.



  2. Love your haul! What section did you find the makeup brush holders from in Big W? xo

    1. Thankyou,

      They were in the stationary section, they were $2 down from $4.



  3. Wow great haul! It all looks so nice. And your vanity setup is gorgeous!

  4. Fluid Line is my all time favorite eyeliner! I need to get onto the sheer glow. It seems to be so raved on about! Ps love your pretty decor! x

    1. Thanks sweetie,

      I agree, there's a ton of mixed reviews but it works best for me.

      Sheer Glow I also have the matte version for summer but this is amazing for winter.



  5. Where is that great mirror from?? I have been in search of a similar piece but yet found nothing so far... I always enjoy reading your posts. I wish I could get to my blog as often as you do :)

  6. The little one is from a local DIY store in cranbourne (I'd have to find out the name for you) & the large white mirror on my vanity came with it & is great because I can always take it off if I get bored with the all white theme.

    It's tough, I mostly get the time to finish these on weekends :)