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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Real Techniques Modern Natural & Night Owl Makeup Kits

So did anyone catch a glimpse at my post on Instagram about my excitement that the lady duo over at Real Techniques decided on releasing two limited edition makeup kits??
No...well you should of because I was jumping for joy at this one.

First off my package also came with two pointed liner brushes, why they would send two instead of possibly two different brushes has got me. But can't complain for something that was an added extra to my delivery.

The information on the Real techniques website states:

Real Techniques’ formulations are optimized for outstanding performance. Each powder combines rich color pigmentation with a uniquely lightweight, blendable finish that looks and feels luminous. As you apply, the product glides onto your skin for smooth application, long-wearing coverage, and glowing results.

Each Kit includes:
3 long-lasting shimmer eye shadows
1 velvety-smooth matte eye shadow
1 dark gel eyeliner
1 perfect-finish blush
1 glowing highlighter
2 shiny lip glosses
$25.00 for each kit

Now I went ahead & ordered both, combine that with express shipping from the US ($6.00)  my total came to $56.00AUS.
That's a decent amount for something I was so excited to try & the fact the shipping for express was so cheap it made me even more excited.
My only regret is that I didn't order anymore face brushes which I completely forgot about until after payment.

 Modern Natural - 

This would be perfect for anyone who enjoys a very neat neutral eye without any pops of colour.
The shadows were nicely pigmented, blended well & thankfully non chalky.
The only thing I did not like about this palette was the blush, it was such a light shade that it wouldn't show up on my skin but none the less the rest of the palette was fine.

(left to right - quicksand, gold metal, caramel mocha, nightshade, coral sunset blush, champagne highlighter, dark chocolate liner)

(left to right - copperhead, nector)

Night Owl - 

I was glad to see that the blush in this kit was slightly darker then the other. The perfect plummy rose shade with a nice silver finished highlighter.
All shades are the usual mix you'd use to create a deep smokey eye. 
I basically have the same shades in a mix of my three Urban Decay palettes, but none the less it was still worth the purchase & I'll be giving these a go this weekend. 

(left to right - quicksand, royal orchid, midnight sapphire, galaxy, flushed blush,champagne highlilghter, ink liner)

(left to right - nude rose, Cabernet)

Packaging - 

I'm not a 100% happy with how bulky these are, the thickness of the palette doesn't make me want to take it on holiday or road trip & will take double the space compared to one of my BH Cosmetic palettes. 
The outside look is again just ok, I would have thought a little more effort could have been made as the packaging looks slightly cheap & tacky.
The one thing that's a big no no for me is placing cream products directly next to powder products & is the prime reason I choose not to buy makeup kits, but I knew this was coming in the kit so I'll have to live with it. 

All in all the eyeshadows & products within the palettes are fine but could have done better for the amount you pay. Shipping took just over a week for express which is normal. These types of kits would be perfect for a newbie in makeup or someone who loves all the colours combined in this post. For me I prefer buying makeup singularly & taking various bits & bobs in my makeup bag, that way I can choose exactly what I want.
I'm glad I went ahead & purchased both as it was great to see the comparison, but this is a complete one off & it has made me remind myself not to buy kits again.



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  1. The swatches look a bit patchy... that doesn't entice me haha.
    I thought the packaging looked a bit cheap and tacky too.

    1. I think the highlighter is probably the best thing in both palettes.
      Unfortunately these definitely aren't for me in regards to colour payoff & versatility.