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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Too Faced: Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer Review

I have fallen head over heels in love with this product ever since I walked into the Kit store in Melbourne & dolled out the cash for it.

I've seen so many reviews on this & put it on hold for so long due to the fact I love my Mac 'Give me sun' bronzer but it's a tad dark now for winter. I also noted that one persons opinion could be completely different to how my skin would react to this product.
So now...I have been converted.

This little compact has two things I love.....
1. It's Matte
2. It smells like chocolate (this one being my obvious favorite)

My complexion through winter is at light-medium & when tanned I then become medium-dark. Thankfully this bronzer works well for both complexions (tanned & normal), its buildable & soft so when applied it doesnt leave any patches or make me feel like I have caked on a contour.

The powder is very finely milled & pressed into its compact securely. It lasts a good 5-6 hours on my skin unless I fix up my face with an extra spray by mid morning & then the lasting time is 6-8 hours of decent colour payoff.

Many have compared this to Benefits Hoola bronzer which is also another bronzer I own but don't tend to grab on a day to day basis. The differences are very subtle.
On the first application the Too Faced bronzer is darker than the benefits Hoola due to the Benefit product having cooler undertones. That for me is a plus because my skin is already quite dark. If you have fair skin the lighter shade in the Too Faced collection in 'milk' or the Hoola bronzer maybe your prefered choice.

I apply this bronzer using my Nars Yachiyo domed brush dupe which I purchased on ebay in the hopes i'd fall in love & head to Mecca to purchase the more expensive but reliable Nars brush.

So far I haven't needed to as the cheap dupe has lasted me months & works fabulously to contour my cheeks, forehead & chin.


Price Australian: $43.95      Mecca Cosmetica

Price US: $30.00                  Too Faced

Domed brush dupe was purchased over 6 months ago so unfortunately I no longer have the sellers details but if searched for there are other dupes located on ebay for around $5-10.

I'm extremely happy with this purchase & will be using it daily for contouring.
Have you purchased this & what are your thoughts??

Leave me a comment below.



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  1. I've seen so many beautiful Too Faced products being talked about lately! I might have to try and get my hands on some I think. :)

    Beth. x

    1. I want the bunny bronzer too now that I've tried a couple of other items.
      This is amazing, all I need now is my ITA brush from Nars :)