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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

DIY Palettes: Cheap or Expensive?

When I first started this journey I got completely carried away with learning how to depot eyeshadows & blushes only to realise I didnt have a palette to put them in!!!

So after a little discovery from plenty of hours searching on Google & watching YouTube videos I ended up purchasing three different palettes that are available on the market today.
They are fantastic little inventions for either pro MUA's or even beauties that just love make up  (like me).
They are customizable & refillable so you can create your very own on-the-go palette.

Mac Pro Pan

Slim, all black with a clear front casing, so easy to use & to see your shadows displayed.
The Pro pans are quite heavy once full but nothing too dramatic & can either be used with a 15 eyeshadow or 6 blush insert or without any insert whatsoever.

Still if your a serious makeup buff I truly believe you need to have at least one pro palette in your collection. 

Available at Mac counters or online: click here

There are also a  couple of other options available online at Mac in case you want something smaller or prefilled.

Mac Pro Pan Insert

It's completely up to you as the owner of the palette to either use a pro pan insert or keep it bare & mix & match both eye shadow pans & blushes. It's a great option to be able to take out the insert if your heading away & want to take a couple of your favourite blushes & shadows with you.
The downside I've notice with the Mac palettes compared to the Z Palette is the magnetisation. Z palettes are highly magnetised all over except for the clear lid. 
Mac on the other hand don't seem to like thin (eBay cheap) round magnets. So there was me....attempting to place in a couple of shadows & them falling out because they wouldn't stick. This is a downfall for me, but non the less the palette works perfect with the insert & I'm able to purchase all the single pans I love from Mac & create my very own custom palette. If your buying round magnets off ebay I'd suggest getting something a couple of millimeters thick. 

Available at Mac counters or online: click here

Z Palette

These are customizable magnet palettes & you can either purchase them in small or large sizes with different colour styles available.
For mine I stuck to the basics & only purchased the black one.
In here I keep random products from single eyeshadows to larger eyeshadows, a bronzer & blush.

Z palettes are one of my top favorite choices when it comes to buying & creating your own custom choice & the perfect option for someone running out of space & needing to depot various brands & put them into one place for easy storage. 

Available in most Australian online beauty stores or directly from the creators click here

Custom Palette (budget option)

This was a random purchase from 2013.
I managed to find a seller on ebay that had various sized empty palettes for sale  ($1.59AUS) & I ended up purchasing just one to try out as I was curious on what it would fit. 
Surprise Surprise, it was almost as perfect as the Mac pro insert. Currently I have two small rounded pans filled with concealer correctors that I made myself by purchasing 20 odd small empty pans on ebay for around $2 & melting down concealer sticks & placing them in the pans to set. It's a great way to free up space.
Although due to it being a cheap dupe it feels flimsy but none the less works just as its supposed to.
Unfortunately I cannot locate the seller on ebay but if you search 'empty palettes' various listings come up. 

There are many different sizes & brands that you can purchase in regards to empty palettes. Do some research & check my good friend google for ideas, for me though these are the best  & I will continue to depot & refill empty palettes to clear up space & have my very own custom colour choice available at hand.

Just remember you can just about depot anything as long as it has a casing. A tutorial will be posted sometime soon showing a 'how-to' on depotting. Keep a look out & watch this space.

Want to see a tutorial on how to depot Mac eyeshadows & place them in your palettes??
Click Here



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  1. Aw cool this is just what ive been needing so read! Thank u :P i have makeup geek eyeshadows everywhere and ive been needing a palette to put them in..thinking ill go a z palette :D xx

    1. Z Palettes are honestly the best, the magnetics are so magnetised that nothing ever falls out :)

      Glad you enjoyed it.