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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

$20 Priceline Challenge - Featuring BeautybyJade

This week myself & Jade decided on doing a little challenge against each other.
Basically it included heading to a Priceline store & spending $20 max on a full face worth of makeup. With the exception of heading to the 'scrap bins' in search of cheap but good products.

My favorite drugstore brands were most items remain affordable with price tags under $20 are Savvy, Australis, Face of Australia, Models Prefer & Essence.

Quick look at how I went with this little challenge:

Soon as I got in the store I headed straight for the bargain bin to search out what was on sale for this week, I heard a lot of fuss about Australis having $3 sale bins at selected Priceline stores this week so I quickly searched for that & managed to find two items I had never tried before. First off being their 'Lashtic' mascara in black & a cream lip & cheek tint (this saved me from having to buy two seperate items).

next up on my list was the Essence shelves, everyone knows & loves this brand.
Everything is mega affordable & fairly good quality. I managed to pick up their matte oil free foundation.

Last two items were the Savvy translucent powder to set the foundation & a Maybelline white shimmer shadow single for $0.50cents. 

Here's everything I managed to get for $20AUS.

Check out BeautybyJades bought goodies by clicking on her name at the top of this post! 

This was fun, I enjoyed having a limit on what I could spend & the searching for ways to save was exciting!!

Did you enjoy this little challenge? 
If you have your own blog, Youtube or Instagram jump on this challenge & give it a go yourself, remember to let me know once it's done so I can take a look.


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