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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Beauty Favorites under $10


I know it can be incredibly overwhelming with Australia's prices on cosmetics & beauty.
I hear & see so many people complain of how our prices can be doubled to almost tripled when comparing what people in the states pay that it seems incredibly unfair.
In saying that though, I'll leave my rant on prices for another day.

For tonight I will be starting a new serious of segments of the best items under a certain amount that are available in stores around Australia & are worth the money you spend. 

Here are my Beauty Favorites Under $10

Models Prefer Beauty to Go nail polish duo in 50 shades to whisper - $5.00
A black or grey nail can compliment any outfit.
Over the years I've purchased a few of these little duo packs & I love the range Priceline offers.
The polishes are smooth, never bubble & last a couple of days as long as you use a bottom coat & a good top coat (I recommend Sally Hansen or OPI)

Available at Priceline 

NYX Wonder Pencils - $8.95
These are amazing as a highlighter for your brows, I use a medium wonder pencil & it gives a great line of light colour to define my brow bone.
I can't recommend these little guys enough & the best thing...they are less than $10. 

Avalaible at Target

NYX Jumbo Pencil - $9.95
If you haven't tried these you must get onto the jumbo pencil train. 
These are raved about all over the beauty community for being the perfect size to colour over your eyelid,  use as a base or create a smokey eye or coloured eye.
I personally have a bunch of these in my draw that I use everyday, milk is my favorite to use as a base as it's pure white colour helps to make brights pop.

Available at Target 

NYX Single Blushes - $9.95
You'll notice a lot of my entries for the under $10 dollar blog post will be from NYX, I find their products worth their amounts tenfold.
Some can be hit & miss don't get me wrong.
But a lot of their items are exact dupes for higher end brands.
You want great blushes that don't feel chalky, have amazing pigmentation & staying power but don't have a huge amount of funds to spend. These May interest you. 

Available at Target.

Boe Beauty Pressed Compact - $2.00
A bargain is a bargain right?
If you've ever headed down to your local Big W you would know that quite a while ago they decided to bring out their own home brand makeup for budget savvy people.
The name known as Boe beauty has a full range all at the price of $2 (i mean everything!!)
The items are hit & miss, I've tried a few various products & I actually like their new compact face powders as long as you don't over do it & only apply a small amount.

Available at Big W

Savvy Blushes - $4.99
One of the most underrated brands in cheap drugstore makeup has to fo to Savvy.
Again items are hit & miss (stay away from their foundations) but try the blushes.
If you ever find it in store I recommend purchasing their 'Petal' blush as it's been a top favorite for so long.

Available at Priceline

Face of Australia Blush or Bronzer Duo - $9.99
One of my top drugstore brands made & owned in Australia is these guys.
The bronzer duo is a top favorite in my collection & I can't rave about it anymore than I already have. It has perfect pigmentation that is buildable for your desired shade.

Available at Priceline

Australis Lip Pencils - $8.95
I have a bunch of these I've purchased over the years & they never fail to impress me, I do wish the colour selection was a tad bigger but all in all they are a great buy.

Available at Priceline

Prestige Cosmetics Swipe on Shadows - $8.47
You won't see a Prestige shelf at every Priceline you go into but if you have a chance swatch their 'swipe' on shadows. The pigmentation is gorgeous & they have a range of brights to neutral colours with the staying power lasting a good 5-6 hours.

Available at selected Priceline stores

W7 Bronzer - $3.00
Chemist warehouse stocks a range of cheap makeup known as 'W7'.
I've tried & tested a range of items from this brand & unfortunately have only found one product that's worth the mention.
Their bronzer (no name) is matte, zero shimmer & works it's way onto the skin nicely.
If you have really fair skin this isn't an item I'd recommend.

Available at Chemist Warehouse.

NYX Butter Glosses - $9.95
All of you have heard how I never wear lip gloss unless my hair is tied up (very rare) or if it's a fancy evening out on the town.
There is only a small range of brands I buy from & the NYX butter glosses are one of them.
They are incredibly creamy, glide onto the lips beautifully & stay for a reasonable amount of time.
Plus they have the cutest names (creme brulee)

Available at target

Essence Mascara's - $4.95
What kind of blog post for makeup under $10 would this be without the mention of another favorite of mine.
Every girl knows the brand Essence & their great value for money makeup.
I love their little collections that get released almost monthly with a range or colours & cute names.
My favorite item I've ever purchased is the 'I Love Extreme' Mascara.
They have around 10 or 12 different mascaras catering to everyone's needs so you should definitely try these out.

Available at Priceline or Target

So there you have it, my budget beauty favorites under $10.
I know there are a ton of other brands that maybe worthy of a mentioned but out of the products I've personally tried, these are the ones I like.

Stay tuned for the next segment that will be posted for 'My Favorites under $20'



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