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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Blogger Interview: Michelle from Beauty.Life.Michelle

So this week I got the opportunity to interview a fellow blogger & Youtuber who I've loved since starting this little journey of mine.

Michelle from Beauty.Life.Michelle was so wonderful to chat to & allowed me to dig a little deeper into her world & get some answers to some nagging beauty questions some of us may have hidden in the back of our minds.

As most of you know Michelle is an Irish girl who made the move to Sydney where she is currently residing & continuing  on with her blog & Youtube channel.

With over 3k followers on her Bloglovin account & thousands of followers on her numerous media sites, this girl definitely knows how to captivate her viewers & didn't hesitate one bit when asked a few questions.

As she says on her website:
"I love to talk about makeup, but most importantly I want to inspire and motivate women of all ages to be the best version of themselves"

Let's take a sit down with Michelle & get to the nitty gritty.........

1. What's your best skincare tip?
Always take off your makeup thoroughly by cleansing the face twice at night. Face wipes are ok for taking off makeup but do not actually cleanse the skin, so if you use face wipes make sure to go in with a cream cleanser or face wash afterwards.

2. What type of camera do you use for video & photography? 
I use a Canon 700d

3. Do you blog everyday?
Not at the moment but I hope to in the future.

4. What's the one product makeup wise that you can't live without? 
If I have my brows done, I can pretty much go without everything else! At the moment, my favourite brow product is my Anastasia Brow Whiz.

5. What made you create your blog & YouTube?
I've always loved makeup and beauty products, and a blog seemed like a wonderful way to share my passions in a creative way. Youtube seemed like a natural progression from blogging, and so far I love it- I'm still a newbie though!

6. Personal question.
How are you enjoying Australia so far, do you miss home at all? 
I love Australia and I'm lucky to have two of my sisters living here, but yes I do miss home. I lived in London before Australia and I miss London a lot too.

7. What's one thing you havnt mentioned on your blog that you love?
That's a tough one as I tend to write about all the products I'm loving. I haven't said much about my Mineralogie concealer yet, but it's one of my favourite new products.

8. What do you enjoy doing when not scrolling through blog & YouTube ideas? 
I love music- whether it's at home on Spotify and 8tracks, or out and about on my iPhone, I can always be found jamming away to something!

9. Who are your favorite fellow bloggers & beauty youtubers?
I follow a lot of bloggers and youtubers, but two of my favorites are Claire Marshall and Vivianna Does Makeup. They rarely steer me wrong and I love their personalities. 

10. How have you enjoyed your experience & success so far? 
My blog and Youtube channel are still pretty small and so far my experience has been mostly very positive. I feel very lucky to have so many people reading and watching, it makes me so happy!

11. What's the best tip you can provide other bloggers?
Be yourself- don't worry about what everyone else is doing.

Now to your makeup favorites:

Lipstick - Mac Pure Zen
Lipgloss - Benefit Dandelion
Blush - Hourglass Ambient Lighting 'Radiant Magenta'
Eye Shadow Palette - Stila in the light palette
Compact - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder 'Wardrobe'
Foundation - Nars Sheer Glow
Perfume - Theirry Mulger 'Alien'

I'd like to say thank you to Michelle for being so wonderful with answering all the typical blogger questions I had scrolled out to send her, it's been a real honor learning about a fellow blogger & how they have progressed through this crazy online world. 

If you haven't already go & take a look at her media profiles by clicking the links below......

Blog - click here
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Tumbler - click here
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  1. What a great post! Two beautiful women in one post! Great job Tarlie


    R @lipsticknlinguine

  2. Thanks R

    It was such an honour to be able to interview another blogger whom had been doing this for quite awhile.