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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Chi Chi Cosmetics Super BB Cream: Review

Although BB Creams are not my forte I have been researching them for a couple of months now & finding out what makes these so beneficial.

BB Cream is the shortened version of 'blemish balm or blemish base'.
The benefits of using one in your makeup routine can halve the amount of products you put onto your skin.
If you head to any store that sells makeup these will be everywhere & I can understand now why so many people get confused.

The consistency of BB creams are usually the same with either a darker heavier cream or a lightweight cream that will be tinted.
I remember the first time I ever bought a BB cream I was 100% clueless on what the product actually was & when seeing it in the tube at Priceline I assumed it was a foundation.
Going with my first application I was really upset as I had barely any coverage & it slightly made my face look washed out & tired.
After a ton of research & buying & trying various brands & studying up the ingredients used in each I finally understand how these work & how I have fallen in love with the concept of a face cream that can repair the skin & give a light to medium coverage (if the right colour for you is purchased).

BB creams often are used to take away other products that you may have previously used on your skin. They moisturize, can become your primer & gives you a tinted coverage without clogging pores or drying out your skin.
It also gives UV protection, encourages the skin to regenerate, conceals pigmentation (works wonders with roscea) & there are also brands that have started to incorporate other beneficial ingredients to help heal & take care of other skin problems.

From the brands I've tested over the past few months I've finally found a favorite that I am now using in my morning routine.

Chi Chi BB cream looks amazing in its packaging, true to the brands nature it has an all black casing & then lots of pops of colour.
The tube itself is easy to use with a removable cap & pump.

I've found that unlike many other BB creams on the market right now, the formulation of this is very light weight, blendable with a brush or your fingers & gives a light-medium coverage depending on the amount your wanting to layer on your skin.
When it comes to BB creams I never personally use a brush & instead opt for my hands as I like how the product blends into the skin when it heats up, giving a more natural finish. 
Chi Chi advises that the BB Cream can be used on your face as a base/primer & moisturizer or buildable for better coverage.

Just like other beauty balms on the market right now this product has SPF incorporated into the ingredients so that your skin is protected throughout the day. 

I have heard from others that this particular BB cream is prone to oiliness, thankfully my skin is only oily in the center of my face on my forehead & nose. In this case I do use a matte primer underneath (just in those areas) to keep the cream on my face all day.

Overall it's one of the best I've tried. The coverage is perfect for me if I'm only running out the door to the shops for a couple of things, it works perfectly with my foundations & as  I've had no problems with the cream & foundations mixing & oxidizing any quicker than they usually would. The scent of the product is slightly florally which is a gorgeous touch.

This product has been perfect for me & has really helped with any slight redness I've gotten over the cooler months.

Chi Chi BB Cream is available at some Target Stores around Australia or directly from Chi Chi themselves.
Click the links below for details.

Target - click here  $22.95
Chi Chi - click here $22.95


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  1. Such a great read Tarlie, and and an amazing explanation of what BB creams can be used for because I know a lot of people are confused about how they work. 👌

    1. Thankyou :)

      I agree, I had no idea about what they were until completing my research.

      They work wonders for the skin.



  2. I am a huge fan of Chi Chi so I'm definitely keen to try this out! I like that it doesn't sound like its too heavy or cakey, which I have found with a lot of BB creams. Thanks for the post!! <3
    We did a review of some Chi Chi products on your blog, please check it out if you get the chance :)