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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Favorite Winter Blushes

Quite a while ago I was asked what was one thing in your makeup collection you can't live without, my answer: Blush

I have zero rosey-ness in my cheeks & without blush I seem to feel (naked) when ever I step outside of the house. With winter & my skin being so faded I love adding a pop of colour to make my cheeks look a little flushed & to give my face some desperate colour.

Here are my top winter blushes that I have dug out of my collection this season.

One of my all time favourite Nars blushes for it's super pigmented effect, I have never regretted purchasing this blush & have been reaching for it to give my cheeks a gorgeous natural pink tinge.

Australis Neatrals & Neons blush 'Lylas' LE

Besides the packaging not being my cup of tea, I pulled this out last week & decided to give it another go before placing it in my (giveaway) to friends bag.
The darkest matte shade on the right is quite beautiful & gives a dark mauve/purple type finish that I have decided will be my key colour this winter to match my dark purple lip obsession.

Sports Girl - Melon LE

I purchased two of these when I spotted them in the sale bucket at my local Sports Girl store.
Although I haven't seen them listed on the website & haven't seen them in store I was very happy I purchased them.
The colours are a dim pink shade that is amazingly buildable for a cream blush without the effect of looking caked on or dry.
I am loving the smooth texture & the way this lasts on my cheeks.

Mac - Dolly mix & Azalea in the Afternoon LE

I'm listing these both together as a few of you would have seen my post on Instagram on how I have loved these two together. I have been using the Dolly Mix shade as a base & the  Azalea in the Afternoon as top shade to create a subtle pink cheek with added shimmer for those lucky days we see the sun in Melbourne.

All the shades side by side.
(left to right - Dolly Mix, Azalea in the Afternoon, Melon, Lylas, Desire)

Hope you enjoyed this post & if your feeling a little peckish, take a look at my new segment with it's first post on some super easy healthy no bake granola bars click here!


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  1. Sportsgirl Melon looks amazing!

    1. I managed to get my hands on a couple of them & I love the colours they have to offer.

      Hopefully they bring these back out.



  2. I loveeee the sports girl one! Such a pretty shade!

  3. The Sportsgirl blushes look a lot like the ones from Topshop :) Have you tried them? They're quite good!

    I think Nars Desire looks amazing swatches, some good picks!

    Brodie|brodu-soup xoxo