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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Manuka Doctor Skin Care Range

Today I'm on the subject of skincare & a product range I hadn't heard of before.

Manuka Doctor is a skincare range located in Auckland New Zealand (little nz clap of course) & is now available around the globe.
The products are also available in Priceline Australia.

As stated on their website:
"Use our products that harness the natural goodness of nature to help maintain healthy balance & promote well being."

The most exciting ingredient used in their products is bee venom.
I've always been fascinated by the fact that organic bee venom or honey is amazing for the skin & it works wonders if you come across pimples or acne that start to build around your face in certain areas especially the chin & forehead area.

Most of the products received are from their Apinourish collection which help to hydrate and replenish the skin. I used a mix of the products received throughout various hours of the day, mostly keeping it in my morning and nightly routines to see if I notice any change in my skin.

I used this twice a week to help my skin become more refreshed & smooth.
Leaving on for 30 minutes whilst I either bake or roam around the house & then washing off with warm water. My skin most definitely felt smoother & more calm afterwards. This isn't a clay mask though, so it felt light on the skin & was a lot easier to wash off & remove.

Although the Skin Serum received advised to use every morning & night on clean skin I decided to try it just after I used the above facial mask. With it's clear gel like formula it was really easy to apply & sunk into my skin nicely.
 With this product though I found no major difference to any other moisturiser I have used, this is mostly to repair skin & to heal scars etc which luckily I don't have.

Next two products were the Rejuvenating Skin Cream & Age-Defying Eye Cream.
I was quite excited to try the eye cream given my dark circles are my most hated feature.
I used the skin cream every morning after washing my face & before my makeup application. I'm lucky enough to not have extreme dry skin so this was more of a usual step in my already set routine. The moisturiser felt nice on the skin & sunk in quickly. The eye cream I used for both my morning routine & nightly routine. I used my middle finger to dab around two small squirts from the bottle & let it dry on my eyes. 
Throughout the day there was no difference but when using throughout the night I felt my eyes woke up more replenished & the dark circles have started to slightly fade. Not majorly but enough to make me take notice.
I'll continue on with this product & let you guys know how it progresses. 

The products available from this range aren't exactly cheap when it comes to facial cleansers ect but a couple of the items I'd be interested in purchasing again.
If your wanting to try the products yourself, you are able to purchase the trial kit online which contains the Rejuvenating face mask, Rejuvenating night cream & Repairing skin cream for $49.95. 


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