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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Mecca Lit from Within Illuminating Primer

Everybody who has a thing for cosmetics in Australia would be aware of Mecca Cosmetica & their fresh new home branded products.

When I first heard there were a few various items they would be creating themselves & selling I was quite excited, so my first purchase from their line was the Lit from within Illuminating Primer.

I also have my eye on a few various products that I will note down below, but first lets talk about the primer & my thoughts on it.

The packaging is very luxe, simple & I love that this came with a pump attached rather than a squeezy bottle. The product has a slight florally smell but nothing too vibrant.
One pump of this is most definitely enough to cover your entire face & I found you needed a good 4-6 minutes for the product to sink in before you start applying your makeup base otherwise it voids the point of a primer.

The primer delivers a gorgeous luminosity to the skin that helps to revive  & prevent it from looking so fatigued (something I'm noticing more through winter).
I always use my fingers to apply primers as I find them easier to blend into every corner of my face & by helping to heat up the product so that it melts & settles in properly.
It's has a very creamy texture with tiny specks of shimmer throughout.
If you have extreme oily skin I wouldn't recommend this product as I found my t-zone oxidizing my foundation quicker than normal. To prevent that I used a tiny pump of my models prefer mattifying primer in that area of my face & the illuminating primer everywhere else.

I used the primer every morning for a little over a month with various foundations & I found it doesn't blend well with a matte foundation but it was a perfect match for my Nars Sheer Glow.
It helped to create a flawless dewy look with a hint of shimmer that made my skin look so much more awake in the morning.

If you've been thinking about trying this product it retails for $38 at all Mecca Cosmetica stores & online. For me this was a good purchase & I'm looking forward to trying a few of their other products (see below).

Other Mecca Products Available 

I have my eye on the Lip De Luscious hydrate & conditioner & Luxury Elixir Body Oil which are on my buy list for my next high end haul.

For a dupe of this product that retails for $16.99 I suggest trying the Models Prefer - Liquid Light Primer, it's a lot thicker, with less shimmer particles & takes a little less time to sink into the skin properly but it's a close dupe. Available at Priceline Stores or online  click here


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  1. You have to buy the lip balm, while it is expensive its so worth it! x

    1. I've heard so many mixed reviews but I really want to try it out for myself :)