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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Winter Essentials for that chilly Australian weather

We've now hit June which in Australia means the chilly cold weather has arrived on our shores.
With this I start to prep myself on the products I'll be using over this season to keep my skin happy, healthy & glowing.
With the cold comes a range of problems:
Chapped Lips
Dry Face & Hands
Dull & lifeless hair

So today I thought I share with everyone my winter essentials face & body edition & what I've stocked up on & loaded up on top of my vanity.

My normal routine for any time of year has always had a mix of face & body moisturizers, this winter I've started using products with a little more thickness to really soak & repair my skin over night. For my face I'm using Sukin Facial Moisturizer in the evening when I have my after work shower, then before bed I put a small amount of the Essano Night Cream or my Manuka Doctor night cream mixed with three drops of my Sukin Rosehip oil to repair any dry dull skin whilst I sleep.

In the mornings I tend to go a tad heavier in application & continue with a moisturizer with SPF (as we all should know by now the suns rays can still hit us hard in winter). I mostly do this after a good wash & leave it to soak into my skin for 5 minutes before my makeup application.

For the body I go with my trusty Nivea Rich Nourishing Moisturizer which I've continued to use for years as it prevents me from getting itchy & really soaks into my skin around my neck, elbows & knees.

Body Scrub & Soaps
I've said it once & I'll say it again, Try the Frank Body Scrub.
This product is AMAZING!!!
I have literally gone out & stocked up on bags after bags of this scrub because the way it makes my skin feel is so refreshing. 
With a heavy scent of coffee, I use it twice a week to scrub my body from head to toe & in the interim it removes all the dead built up skin & heaps sooth my body.
I'm yet to try a few other brands that are on the market but in the mean time this product has become a staple in my routine for any season.
For soap I'm still currently using my Appelles product that came in last months Bella Box, so far so good & i haven't had any bad reactions.

Everyone knows that chapped lips are one of the worse things that come in winter!!
I hate the feeling & the look of chapped, dry & sore lips & it prevents me from wearing my beloved lipsticks.
Throughout every season I always use either a DIY lip scrub or my trusty Lush Australia lip scrub, afterwards I place some lip balm over the top & lately I have been grabbing my Carmex Moisture Plus lippy as they are slightly tinted, so they give me a nice peachy lip whilst also repairing the thin skin. 

( clear satin finish, peach sheer tint, pink sheer tint )

Under eyes & sprays
For the face I've always kept a spray in my bag for during the day touch ups, at the moment I've been using another Bella Box Goodie with the Australian Bush Flowers Face Spray, it smells absolutely divine & helps to give my skin a little pick me up through the busy work days.
Under my eyes, due to the cold weather I've been noticing a little dryness, especially in the corners of my eyes. To fix & repair this I have been using the Skinvitals eye brightening masks which are both relaxing & work well. In the evening I use my Manuka Doctor eye cream to repair the sensitive skin.

One of the most reoccurring subjects I get from people are dry hands throughout winter.
We all get it, some more than others.
For a quick DIY tip use a thick hand cream & add in one drop of your Rosehip oil.
Really rub it into your fingers & cuticles & especially around your palm. This will help to get them smooth & soft again.

I know there will be other products I'll end up throwing into my routine as the weeks go by but for now this is what I have pulled out of the cupboards & started using.

Anything you've tried that you love?
Let me know & leave me a comment below, remember its gotten very cold in Melbourne lately & you need to keep your skin & body healthy. Lots of veggies & a great skincare routine.


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  1. Great tips! I like that Nivea lotion, it sinks in really well and isn't greasy. I use another brand of roship oil but it's awesome, and I use the sensitive version of the sukin moisturiser. I've had to start winterising my skincare too, starting with my poor cuticles and hands.

    1. I think most brands of Rosehip oil are basically the same.
      I was using the essano one til it went empty last month and it just so happened that Sukin was on sale :)

      Mix a little oil in the hand cream and it works wonders.