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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bargain Buys: H & M

As much as I love my designer threads like any other fashion loving female I always head back to the stores that first sparked my interest.
Today I am talking about one store that has an amazing flare for newly dropped fashion pieces where the prices are realistic & don't throw you off your budget.

H & M would have to be one of my favorite stores in Melbourne to spend a reasonable amount of money without walking away feeling guilty.

They have an amazing range or clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes & bags mostly between $10 to $200.

This time I picked up an easily affordable cross body bag to take out on the run or even a night out.
With it's croc like print (all black) & gold detailed zips, it was definitely a handy purchase & I will be using this quite a bit when out on the town.
I'm a big believer that fashion does not have to be expensive. For $19.95 it is definitely worth the price! 
The smooth leather look with gold zippers is eye catching with one large pocket on the inside & a medium zip pocket on the exterior which easily fits a phone of small pouch.

Currently I'm aware that H & M do not ship via their online shop, which is such a shame & I do hope they change this in the near future. If you live in Melbourne or close in the outer suburbs I suggest having a day trip & heading in store to look for yourself. Although it can be a pain getting in (lines still exist) due to it being so popular, it's worth the time.


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  1. I've heard a rumour H & M are looking for a site in Perth, I cannot wait!!!

    1. Oh I hope so!

      You'll absolutely love it, very addictive though as the prices fantastic if your a savvy shopper :)