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Monday, 14 July 2014

Beauty Routine: July

I find myself some what fascinated by reading other beauty routines & reviews or watching one of those get ready/unready with me YouTube videos. 

My skin throughout certain months can become somewhat fussy & over dramatic, lately with the cold weather I've found myself opting for products that are heavier in consistancy but more natural to really repair the cells.

I have been utilizing two new products in my beauty draw from People for Plants, a company that is renowned for  creating products that only use certified organic ingredients.
The light consistency of the Day Cream (91.8% organic - with Rosehip, Ginkgo & Shea)  is my first step in the morning after cleaning my skin to help keep it moisturized throughout the day & leave it looking soft. At night I have been using the Cleanser to remove all traces of makeup. The Cleanser (90.3% organic - with White Tea, Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel) was by far a favorite out of these two with the bottle now left empty (a good sign that I adored this product). It was gentle on the skin & made me feel refreshed after a long work day & removed the makeup from all corner of my face.

At least twice a week I use a good facial exfoliant to clean out the skin & remove dead skin cells to make my complexion brighter & softer. For this I have been using Jojoba Bead & Bamboo exfoliant (98% natural) in the shower, I leave this on the skin for a good minute & then gently scrub away. Its gentle & leaves the skin incredibly hydrated. If my skin is left feeling extremely dry & neglected I always use a good oil to deeply nourish my skin & leave it over night. Oils can be used on both the face & body & anyone with oily skin should not fret as these oils will help to balance your skin, 100% natural  Jojoba oil is an amazingly powerful moisturizer that will help to really smooth out the skin. 

Next is something mostly used to pamper the skin, I rarely ever go to a salon to get a facial as I don't have the time. At home masks are perfect for a relaxing night in with a fragrant bath & some candles. The Milk & Co Rejuvenating Face Mask has had me opting for baths more often. Packed full of fruit extracts, vitamin E & green tea extract it helps to sooth & replenish tired dull skin. 

All year round you see ads scattered on tv in regards to black heads & all sorts of nastiest that build up underneath the skin. For years now I have used the same pore strips by Formula 10. They are very effective to clean out the pores on & around the nose & has been one item I use vigorously through winter & summer. 

Speaking of baths a good body butter or moisturizer is needed, which brings me to a brand by Vanessa Megan!
Another organic skincare brand that has hit the market & something I am looking forward to trying a range of the products made.
The VM Body & Home cocoa coconut cream is so delightful, used to massage into my skin after a bath to keep my whole body beautifully soft & slightly fragrant. I found this perfect for an after shave moisturizer on my pins & keeping those babies soft & ready for anything! 

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