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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Makeup Store Cover All Mix

I have a range of concealer palettes & single correcters from ELF to higher end brands such as Mac but had never tried this. 

Using concealers is one step in the mornings I never miss!
Everyone has one feature of their body/face that they hate the most & mine is my dark circles. From rubbing my eyes through childhood & into my teens I never understood the importance of looking after the sensitive skin around your eyes.

I received this little product from Trish Nicol Agency & have been using it almost everyday as a concealer base (still using MAC pro long wear as my full coverage concealer).

I use the orange & beige shades to cover the blue areas of my face etc dark circles & to neautralize how they look before applying my pro long wear & making that area lightened. 
Because this is only a base & not a concealer per say I only apply it in the areas necessary (in the crease between my under eye & next to my nose) that way the problem area is covered properly. 

Think of a color wheel to know what colours work in defense of your skin & what types of neutralizers you need.

(picture via google search)

The yellow corrector is used to cover redness, blood vessels & sun spots which thankfully my skin is limited on.

Here's a quick look at my ELF corrector concealer palette in comparison.

Unfortunately the ELF correcters tend to not last & course major creasing under my eyes, I have only used this palette 3 times since it's purchase.

A swatch of each corrector my Makeup Store....

Since using this I have been scouring their website for any other products that might come in use for my daily routine.
Whether your a pro artist or just looking for a something to cover your problem areas everyday, this product should be in your essentials list. 

I'd like to give a big Hurray to The Makeup Store Australia as they hit 20k on their Instagram. 
Congratulations & if you arnt a follower of them I recommend jumping on & taking a look.

If you'd like to take a peek at the products they provide then click the link below.

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