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Friday, 8 August 2014

Olay Fresh Effects

Olay is one of those brands that have been used over many years from generation to generation. I remember watching my mother use one of their moisturizers or night creams before heading to bed everyday.

Right now they have a new fresh take on skincare with their release of the: Olay Fresh effects Line

The new assortment of skin care products promise to:

Deep clean, hydrate and refresh your skin with NEW Olay Fresh Effects; the fun, fresh & vibrant skin care line designed to uncover the beautiful potential of your skin. With citrus extracts that instantly awaken and refresh tired skin, and flower essences that hydrate and nourish skin throughout the day, the new Olay Fresh Effects gives you skin so fresh it needs #nofilter!"

I've been using a range of the products since my last skin care routine was updated a few weeks ago, here is how I've gone....

In the morning & evenings I have trialed the Minimising Cleanser to clear my skin after being in hours of deep sleep & once I arrive home to remove the days makeup.
Cleanser foams up quite nicely &  clears all traces of makeup. All though I had minimal dryness afterwards, I did make sure to add on two layers of moisturizer just in case.
Product was great on the skin with zero irritation. If you have very oily skin then this maybe a product you would opt for as it helps to soak up excess oil from the pores.

Twice a week I'd use the Exfoliating Cleanser which was surprisingly quite good!
I adore the fresh feeling of skin when you give it a good scrub with an exfoliant, leaving it soft & supple. My only quarm about this product is the overwhelming amount of fragrance that seems to come from the cleanser. If you have extremely sensitive skin then I recommend passing on this product & looking for something a little more natural.

Next is the most important factor for me: Moisturizer
I use one daily, including a very heavy night cream to soak into the skin as I sleep.
This was almost like a silky lotion type texture, minimal benefits when it comes to anti ageing but the formula is great for oily skin.

The last skin cleaning tool in this set is the Viva La Vivid which is quite a good little invention, opening the box I was surprises that it was slightly smaller than I originally thought but I loved how soft the bristles were. Don't get this mixed up with the Clarisonic cleanser as both these products are completely different. The Viva La Vivid is used to not to clean the skin but the tiny vibrations actually loosen blackheads around the contours of your face.
I've been using this for a couple of weeks & for the first few days I couldn't understand how this product works as their didn't seem to be a difference. 
After 3 weeks I take the previous written info back, my looks visibly better, I do think that if you can afford a Clarisonic machine then go for that as it does so many more things than this. But for the price tag ($14.99) its good value for money.

Now onto the BB cream, unfortunately this product wasn't for me.
Firstly the colour was too slight for my skin tone, minimal coverage (very sheer) & didn't seem to make much of a difference. I have seen a few mixed reviews on this one & for me it wasn't a good match for my skin & I prefer other brands.

 II Olay II

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