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Monday, 7 July 2014

Pamper your hair

When it comes to hair everyone has their own individual style.
Whether it be short, mid length or long I always advise on getting the best products that will help to reduce bad hair & keep it looking healthy & happy!!

These have been my go to products for the last month & sadly I'm almost running on empty & ready to try some new items:

Shu Uemura - Cleansing Oil Shampoo & Conditioner 
I somewhat become envious when seeing smooth, sleek & shiny hair when flicking through a magazine. My celebrity hair crush will always be Kim K (but we all don't have a pro stylist just lounging around).
I have been using both the Shu Uemura conditioner & shampoo in between normal washes to really clean out my hair & scalp from all the build up of other normal branded shampoos & hair products. My hair feels soft & luscious again. I have seen a lot of reviews of this around & wanted to do my research first, please note that this product is to be used between washes & not as an everyday replacement. The shampoo cleans out the hair so well & the conditioner helps to smooth it over so it becomes incredibly soft & feeling refreshed. 
I absolutely adored how my hair felt after a good scrub & clean & both these products are now at the too of my list of favorites.

De Lorenzo Products - Keeping it soft & luscious 

When my hair is feeling a little dry & slightly like dry straw (especially on extreme windy days) I've been using a small amount of the De Lorenzo Hair Moisturizer. This is a cream that I regularly put through my hair using a comb on the days I really need my locks to look refreshed & healthy, by far my favorite from the De Lorenzo range. 

Next on my list is my can't live without product, my De Lorenzo Thermal Protection Spray.
My hair is naturally very curly & I tend to blow dry & straighten my hair at least twice a week. My time to really style my hair nicely is limited in the morning so I quickly straighten it at night & usually leave it out for the next day. Although I used to use a cream formula for thermal protection I quite enjoyed how this turned out. It leaves zero feeling of sticky residue or feeling greasy whilst still having the power to protect my hair. 
I always (& I 100% mean always) use some type of thermal protection to keep my hair from burning under the heat of my straightener or hair dryer.

A little secret love of mine is now the De Lorenzo Afterglow!
Never had I tried this before. I catch public transport to & from work as it's more efficient then driving my car into the city. Being winter in Australia its extremely cold, windy & all round miserable outside. My hair being naturally curly goes from sleek & straight to puffed up, curly & pretty much everywhere by the time I arrive at work.
I received this product with the rest & was so excited to try it.
My excitement was well worth it, I sprayed this onto the hair & comb it through just before leaving the house. My hair doesn't feel sticky, but rather smooth & healthy with a nice shine. 
I've had to use zero other products to prevent frizzy-ness now & I'm so pleased that this little bottle will last me all through winter & potentially through our muggy summer heat.

One of the products I received from this range that I haven't had the chance to use as much is the De Lorenzo Barrel Wave  cream. Taking a trip into the city a few weeks back I decided to let my hair air dry & let it form its natural curls overnight. Before heading out i used this cream to prevent my hair from gaining a lot of fuzz & more or less define my curls.
I recommend testing this out periodically & finding which amount suits your hair best. I used around half a teaspoon which was more then enough.
It did as it stated on the bottle with helping my hair stay exactly as it should.
I'm quite excited to take this into the salon & have my normal hairdresser do up my hair & use this product for my birthday (keep watch as photo's will be provided). 
I also matched this by drying my hair with my Lady Jane Barrel Core Radial Brush & they worked perfectly together. The brush is a number one product needed in your hair tools collection & will be used to it's limits when I decide to blow dry my hair without straightening.  

Last but not least for my go to hair products right now is my favorite thing to use.
The Scunci Detangling Brush. I know there is a ton of various brushes out there from Kmarts very own $3 version to the original tangle teezer but I absolutely love this!
Something about having a larger handle makes it easier to grab & use everyday.
If you havn't got a detangling brush I highly recommend grabbing one of these.
It helps to prevent your hair from frizzing, goes through the hair with ease & of course stops you pulling on your hair if you find yourself tugging on a knot which can turn out quite damaging to your scalp.

Shu Uemura

De Lorenzo 

Hair Moisturizer  150ml - $22.50
Afterglow 150ml - $21.95
Barrel Wave 150ml - $22.95

To check stockists of each product see below
Shu Uemura (available at David Jones)
De Lorenzo (also available at Chemist Warehouse)

Lady Jane Radial Brush (now on sale at Priceline) - click here!
Scunci Detangling Brush - click here!


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