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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Succulent Scents: Valencia Bath Treats Triple Scented Soy Candles

There's no secret about my love for triple scented candles.
Coming home after a rough day, filling a lush bath & lighting a scented candle is something I endeavor to do at least twice a week.

Tonight I'm doing a brand spotlight of a much love candle I burn almost daily when I arrive home.
My favorites are always candy/chocolate sweet smelling wax (go figure). 
I find it so hard to find candles that I'm willing to splurge the money on as I tend to get my hopes up too much.
I live in a very open plan home, I need candles to pack a punch & be able to get a delicious scent at least a few metres away from them.

Recently I purchased one from a lovely girl named Paulina from Valencia Bath Treats. She creates the most delectable scents that make your mouth water just from reading the words.

My favorite from her product line has to be the Triple Scented Caramel Candle......

Can't help but have a slice of cake while smelling the's a sugar addicts dream!

If you'd like to smell these for yourself instead of drooling at the screen. Click here!


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