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Monday, 1 September 2014

August Favorites

My month of August was such a busy one that I mostly stuck with the products that I already know & love. Besides those I did have a couple of newbies that made it into my month of favourites.

This product was such a great little mascara for my nights out.
If your not a fan of waterproof mascara's then move onto my next favourite because this didn't budge no matter what I did.
Great formula & easy to use brushes, one for a base coat & one for an intensifying top coat.
This mascara gave great volume to the lashes without leaving them looking too over the top. I have to admit though, attempting to take this off was quite difficult & I found using my Garnier Miceller water & holding a cotton bud on the lash for around two minutes helped to sweep it off smoothly. 

I've been eyeing this lipstick for so long, I love sticking with what I feel comfortable with & that's deep plums, purples & pinks. I do wear nude shades but vary rarely as the pigmentation of my lips are a light red & nudes seem to just not work for me.
This is such a fun vibrant cool pink that I have fallen in love with & using daily.
With an amplified cream finish that really looks great on my slightly tanned skin with a lasting power of up to 5 hours before I need to add another layer over the top. Can't complain, Mac makes some incredible lipsticks & I now know why this is a sell out!

On my birthday last month I picked up two bronzers, the Nars Laguna Bronzer & Top Shops Mohawk Bronzer. The Nars didn't work for me & although it has so many rave reviews I found it didn't match my skin properly, wasn't easy to work with & was an all round bad choice on my part. The Top Shop bronzer luckily was a fantastic choice, full matte, very soft & not chalky. I paid $18 for this compact, with plenty of product to last for a long time.
This has become a favourite that I am now using everyday.
 Lasting timeframe is around 8 hours on my cheeks before I start to see some noticeable fading. I am now keen to try a few more of their products. 

Everyone that has a thing for watching beauty YouTube & makeup collection videos would be fully aware that Muji draws are a fan favourite among a lot of beauty guru's.
These aren't the easiest to get your hands on in Australia I admit. Continuously sold out I have been waiting & waiting to purchase the five or two draw wide sets. Unfortunatley for me they sold out so quickly & I missed out again but the Chadstone had a few two draw narrow sets left.
I only needed one & i'm glad I missed the larger ones as this is perfect. Fits what I need & also comes with a flip top to open it up a little more.
Although there are cheaper options out there, I prefer a well made product & thats exactly what you get from Muji.

Thanks for reading my favorites & if you have tried any of these products yourself I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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