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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sit down with Britt: Interview

Its been awhile since I interviewed a fellow blogger & beauty enthusiast.
With so many out there its always nice to read some of the more intimate  details of their life & other loves. 
Today I'm interviewing a fellow beauty addict & an all round lovely girl whom I've personally become friends with due to our love of makeup.

Lets start this off & welcome Britt from Brittersblog & jump straight into the tough questions.

1. Other than makeup, what's your favourite past time?
Good question hmm... I love to bake and photography is also a passion of mine.

2. Favourite drugstore brand?
Maybelline for their amazing variety. I'm also a bit of an Essence girl. I dig their brow pencil/mascara - as an Accountant I always love a good bargain!

3. Stilettos, flats or boots?
Flats/boots - I am all about comfort. I have been living in my ugg boots as of late with this chilly weather! Don't judge me haha!

4. How would your life be different if you weren't blogging?
My life would be different in so many ways. First of all I never would have met you and all the other amazing people I have met through blogging. It's amazing to just be involved in a community where I can bring any questions to the table and you guys help me out free of judgement. To be honest, I am a happier person and I am more confident. It baffles me that people want to listen to me and my advice/experience with a particular product and based off that they go and make purchases. There is no better feeling when someone buys a product off my recommendations and loves it just as much as I do!

5. How do you continue to be inspired for your own blog posts?
I definitely struggle with this one. But I tend to bounce off others energy so I often look at other blogs/instagrams/youtube channels for inspo!

6. Have you ever thought about transitioning to other things in regards to blogging? Etc lifestyle or clothing?
Definitely. I would love to be a lifestyle or fashion blogger but I think I would just struggle with things to write. I wouldn't classify myself as super stylish as I have a very relaxed/comfort style going.

7. When did you know that this is something you enjoyed & wanted to progress with?
2014 has been a big year for me, my blogging has really taken off this year even though I have been blogging since May 2013. I am now taking it a little more serious then I was at first and when I see results its pushes me to blog/write more.

8. Where do you see your blogging career in 5-10 years?
Do I even see one? I'm not sure. I would love to say I will still blog, it might be about babies and which nappies are better though haha!

9. Who is your favourite beauty guru, fashion idol & lifestyle guru?
Shannon from shaaanxo for beauty. I don't really have a fashion idol/lifestyle guru I look up to. There isn't one person who influences me in this. Rather I look to the blogging/social media community as a whole for inspo via apps like pinterest and we heart it.


Lipstick - YSL Lingerie Pink fo sho
Accessories store - Mimco is my holy grail
Online makeup & lifestyle store - eBay or BeautyJoint/MAC
Drugstore brand - Maybelline
High end brand - YSL/MAC/Benefit

A big thank you to Britt for allowing me to ask her some questions for this interview & if you haven't taken a look at her social media profiles before, click the links below.

Instagram: click here
Blog: click here


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