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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Kerastase Discipline Range

Whenever I talk to any fellow blogger, lover of beauty or general person I'm always interested to know what brands are their favourites & why!
Sometimes its being nosey but as a blogger your mind is never too far from asking questions about products.....& before I continue blabbering about the subject I will go on with one of my favourites: Kerastase.

I was first introduced to this brand when I was about 18, it had been a good two years since I had a proper hair cut & decided to spend the money on a good salon.
The hair dresser wasn't too happy with how I had kept my hair & gave me a good yelling at. But besides that she also gave me my first little bag of Kerastase products.

From then on I was hooked & to this day one of my favourites is the Kerastase Nectar Thermique cream. I always either opt for this cream or their high gloss cream to use on my hair whilst wet & before drying. It makes the hair super soft & shiny & also helps to protect the hair follicles when your placing heat on them.
So excuse my excitement when I was given the chance to trial three products from their new discipline range.

First off was the Bain Fulidealiste Shampoo which created a fantastic full on lather that felt so soft on the hair. I always (& this maybe my OCD) wash my hair twice over to really rid any dirtiness out. I loved these products & only a small amount is needed in your palm to work up a good lather.
Next up was the Fondant Fluidealiste which is a treatment that you leave on towel dried hair for 1-2 minutes. The website states it makes the hair soft, subtle & reenergised. Which is exactly what I got, my hair felt so soft & smooth (even after drying). After a little styling my hair felt as though I had just stepped out of the salon. I loved it & will be on my list of hair products to repurchase.

With my little bag of goodies received I also got a secondary tub of treatment which I found better suited to my hair (thick, slightly dry & can be unmanageable).
The Maskeratine is incredibly creamy & works well with a small amount in my palm. Starting from the tips of my hair I rub it in & work my way up to the top. I used a comb to make sure every hair follicle was lathered with the cream & I left it on for a few minutes before washing it off. Like the above treatment this made my hair super soft & lush. My hair remained the same for a good 2-3 days without any noticeable oiliness at the top which I have mentioned that it had become a problem for me. Great product all around & another I have added onto my list of repurchases. 

Now all I'l have to do is figure out which out of the two treatments I will buy again once I'm on empty. This is a great release & Kerastase never disappoints.

II Kerastase II

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