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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Mac vs Benefit: Brow Gel

There's currently dozens of various brow products on the market at the moment, from the tools you need to keep them in tip top shape to liquids & powders to fill & define the brows.

It can all be very confusing for any girl & today I will be doing a mini comparison between two major brands that have become quick favourites in the beauty industry.

Over the past month I have been switching between Benefits Gimme Brow & MACs Prolong wear Waterproof brow gel.

Both are incredibly similar in the idea itself but both have their own benefits & downfalls.

Benefit - Medium/Deep

Fan favourite around the world!
This is one of Benefits biggest selling products with dozens of people using this little gel in their everyday routine for a quick fill in of their brows.
The gel formula is fantastic & their colour choices work well for everyone.
My favourite thing about this product is the tiny applicator. It brushes through the brows with ease & leaves a good trail of colour to fill in any blank spots without looking cakey. 
My only gripe about the formula is the staying power. For days I'm working 12+ hours this doesn't stay & I find myself having to reapply after 5 hours. It seems to fade very quickly & makes the brows look like nothing was even applied.
I wouldn't recommend this product if you live in an area where it's hot or muggy, if you sweat I can guarantee this product will wear off very quickly.
Price wise.....I'm not sold on it, $32 for 3g bottle that is about half the size of my pinky finger isn't great value for me.

MAC - Brown/Ebony

This is a fairly new product for Mac which I was extremely intrigued on trying.
I've been a lover of the Pro Longer wear line because my everyday hours are long & I hate having to reapply anything (mostly I just don't remember or can't be bothered). 
The formulation is light & creamy, great colour choices for a Mac line & the applicator is perfect for taming those unruly hairs that refuse to stay in place.
This has most definitely become a new favourite, this product stayed true to its description by staying a good 8-9 hours without having to reapply or fade. 
I found that the applicator was a tad too big & I do hope Mac changes it to the size of the Benefit applicator. I'm really happy with the sizing of tube, you get 5g worth of product for $28 which will last a good few months.
With a waterproof formula I can see myself grabbing this in summer when the Australian heat rolls in.
I tested the waterproof effect by grabbing a wet cloth & dabbing my brows, I'm pleased to say no product transferred onto the material.


Both products are great in their own right but my preferred choice will be the Mac Pro Long Wear, the formula is excellent for taming my brows & I am in love with its longevity.
For the price, Mac of course wins out on this one.



Have you tried either of these products? 

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  1. I haven't used either on myself, but I use the Benefit one on my friend when I did her makeup the other day. It looked really nice but perhaps I'll look into the MAC one instead.
    Lena -

    1. I think its just personal choice, the difference in the creams & how they apply are determined by the size of the brow.

      The Mac is great for thicker larger brows & the benefit is better for thinner brows but that is due to the applicator itself :)


  2. I have been using the Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow. I can accidentally rub my face and they do not move, at all. I can sweat and even get rained on and they don't move or fade. It's a great product but time consuming. I highly recommend it, can't wait till Sephora is here in Australia so it makes it easier to purchase brands like these :)

    1. I'm excited for it too, hopefully they open one in Melbourne very quickly!
      I've heard they are scoping out a location & I hope it's at the Melbourne Emporium.


  3. I have been using the MAC one for about 2 months now and have been loving it. I just recently bought the Benefit Gimme Brow but haven't compared them yet. For the price point and colour range I think MAC wins.