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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Nat Face & Eco Modern Essentials Skincare Range

It's been awhile since I last purchased a different skin care range.
I tend to stick to products I know that work for me & my skin, never straying too far from my au natural ingredient products. This brand was a welcoming new addition to my daily routine.

I wear makeup everyday to work, in the off chance I finally get a day off & decide to spend a lazy day at home I go without but I always still utilize products in my daily skin cleaning.

If your like myself & seem to have dozens of various products stocked up on the shelf in your shower than you know exactly what I am talking about when I say it can become a little overwhelming.

Today's review is on the Nat Face Cleaner & Toner that I have been using as a replacement for my empty Sukin cleanser.

This particular brand is exclusive to certain stockists & its not something you would find on the shelves amongst various brands at your local Priceline or Chemist Warehouse.

The Cleanser ($38) was a light cream that felt soft on the skin.
To remove my makeup I always use a face wipe first & then proceed to clean my skin twice over with a cleanser, making sure to lather it in the creases of my face to remove all traces of makeup. 
With cleansers I find it hard to tell the difference from one to the other.
As long as they remove the makeup properly & don't react with my skin they are always good in my book. The formula for this product contains a good amount of tea tree oil which helps to balance out the oiliness & help to speed up regeneration. For me I have no complaints, it did its job & it did it well.

Next was the Restore Treatment Toner ($38). I have been attempting to tell myself that I need a toner in my life & to use it everyday either whilst cleansing my skin or after & just before I put on a lather of moisturizer. These to me are really only beneficial if you have tired & oily skin that you need to re-balance or if you have naturally dry skin & have the need to add extra moisture. Lately with the weather change & my skin being eczema prone I was glad to have received a sensitive skin toner. It worked great under the moisturizer with zero skin irritations in the process. For me though I found no difference to my skin to when I didn't use a toner previously. For anyone with dry skin, this product might be for you.

To take a look at their stockists or website click the below link.

 Nat Face II Eco modern 

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