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Monday, 25 August 2014

Racinne Lady 1 System

Although it's been a week since I was able to post up anything on my blog it's nice to be back & ready to pump out some new posts.
Tonights featured product is a great little machine that I was able to get my hands on thanks to Tomorrow Land Group. 

I've always wanted to try the Clarisonic System, mostly due to the hype that comes with the name. An all in one cleansing system to help rid the skin of the nitty gritty & help with the regeneration process. 
Sounds too good to be true!!

I've read dozens of reviews on the clarisonic, I've also watched a ton of youtube videos but I still remain skeptical. Thankfully I was able to try a cheaper alternative that was created with the same concept in mind.

The Racinne Lady 1 system comes with four brush heads plus the machine itself
- Facial Brush
- Facial Sponge
- Pumice Stone
- Body Brush

The system already comes prepared with batteries inside & all I needed to do was attach the first brush onto the machine & cleanse away. 
Placing a little cleanser onto the skin I switched on the machine & started cleaning. After the first two tries I didn't see any difference in my skin. Makeup was completely removed but no major difference to if I had cleansed my face twice like normal & then went over with a good facial scrub.
Move onto two or so weeks later & I can see subtle differences in my scarring from the occasional pimple. 
Scars were more faded & looked like they were being removed.
That was a bonus &  I will continue to use this machine for that point alone. In regards to reducing the occurrence of pimples or other imperfections, I didn't notice any difference. Occasionally one pimple will pop up but die down on it's own like normal.

The next brush is the facial sponge which advises it stimulates the skin to help the application of moisturiser. I admit, this confused me & I didn't see a difference when applying my moisturiser after cleansing.

The Pumice stone & Body brush was a nice little added extra in this kit. I absolutely love body brushes in general, I exfoliate my body weekly & usually opt for a coffee scrub (Frank Body is a favourite) but with this, no scrubs were needed & I purchased a delicious scented body bar from Lush, rubbed it all over & used the brush from top to bottom.
I have a tiny scar still showing on my forearm from a disasterous event featuring me & a hair iron. This has now slightly faded away & I do hope it will eventually become invisible using the body brush.
Even worked to remove a lot of my fake tan that I'd usually scrub off manually! Bonus.
The pumice stone is something I will rarely use as I mainly wouldn't remember especially when having to use the system for various other things. In saying that, it worked well to remove dry skin from feet & elbows with ease.

If you've been eyeing the Clarisonic but the price is making you look away then I'd suggest this little machine, it can be used in the shower, its simple to work with & is a great item to combine all your face & body cleansing needs in one go.
For a price comparison the Clarisonic is $190 at Mecca Cosmetica whilst the Racinne is $59 online. 

II Racinne II

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