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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Spring Lips - Handbag Essentials

Finally winter is over & as much as I love my warm boots, boyfriend jeans & warm wooly jumpers, its always nice to see the season change & the slight warmth of spring hitting Melbourne. We had our first stunning weekend last week & it had me packing away my winter clothes & pulling out my spring wardrobe. 
With wardrobe changes & the change in weather I always recommend a few handbag essentials. For now my first essentials are the ones to keep your lips in tip top shape.
I'm talking about products to remove the dry skin & lip balms to keep them soft & supple. 
My three favourites are simple little pots of goodness that I never go without.

Lush Lip Scrub
I've now tried a few various brands of lip scrubs from the very inexpensive ELF to anything that goes way over the top in price from Mecca.
My favourite will always be Lush, not only do they smell & taste sensational they also work so well to remove any dry skin & make your lips nice & soft.
My two favourites are bubble gum or popcorn flavour. 
Both inexpensive & available in all Lush stores & the pots will last you a good few months.

$9.95 - Lush

I heart Carmex Lip Balm Pot
Family favourite, can't think of anytime my mother didn't pull one of these little Carmex pots out during the years for us kids.
This has a slight menthol smell but works well for chapped lips.
I will always have one of these somewhere in my bag.

Subtle Energies Rose Petal Lip Balm
This for me is a lush item, sweet scented just like roses with a thick cream texture.
This is a lovely little pot of balm that is so refreshing on the lips. 
I occasionally try something new when it comes to healing or preventing dry skin by way of trying new brands of lip balm with the unfortunate occurance of some making my lips worse, with this one it is filled with cocoa butter & shea butter which helps them to heal dry, flakey lips. This one is very pleasant & is a new staple in my handbag for the transition from winter to spring.


  1. I love the Lush popcorn scrub! And the Carmex lip balm in the chapstick version, is always in my handbag. :)

    Beth. x

    Sometimes The Stars

  2. Love the Lush lip scrubs!

    Also letting you know that I just nominated you for a Liebster Award, I'm looking forward to hearing your answers! :)