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Monday, 25 August 2014

Unico Hair Care

Today's post is a little bit different for me, the reason?
I tried a new brand that I myself had never heard of that makes vegan friendly products with nourishing treatments and all sorts of everyday shampoos & conditioners.
Doesn't sound too different right? Well for me....I just couldn't bring myself to enjoy the product which is a first when it comes to the au natural range.

I've trialled so many various brands throughout this whole blogging journey of mine, some being good & some turning out downright ugly. Then there's the products that I can't make up my mind over such as this particular brand.

Unico Formulations is the name & the website is filled with various formulas of vegan friendly products that leave you with the hope that trying these will leave a lasting effect of soft gorgeous hair whilst still being safe for the environment.

First off was my trial of the maintanece conditioner & the sensitive shampoo.
With a wonderful somewhat minty/lemon-y smell I loved how this felt on my hair, both products seemed amazing when I was in the shower & I had no trouble enjoying the cleaning process whilst massaging it through my scalp.
It wasn't until the end of the shower that this all stopped, after towel drying my hair I left it to dry naturally overnight.
The next morning my hair was left feeling brittle, dry & frankly very unmanageable. I made the decision that this was a mistake by me (maybe I hadn't washed the products out properly) so I tried again but it came with the same unfortunate result.

Over a two week period I tried numerous different things from towel drying to blowdrying & all the results were the same, dry hair that seemed to have a larger quantity of breakage.

I have since started using another brand of shampoo & conditioner but I can still feel a slight brittle-ness to my hair follicles, for me this product just didn't make the cut.
Although my experience with this product wasn't the best to say the least, it doesn't mean all their products are the same, these are the only two products I have tried from this brand & although it sounds very appealing considering the ingredients, it just didn't work out for me.

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  1. That's a shame these didn't agree with you! I have a sensitive scalp too and I tried the volumising shampoo and really enjoyed it.

    1. I've seen a few reviews that say it worked for their hair. Sadly not mine but it's always different for each person :)