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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Napoleon Perdis Sheer Glow Foundation &

I'll start this review off honest & let everyone know that personally & previously I chose not to purchase anything from Napoleon Perdis. The price of products always deters me & when I see those sales kiosks sitting in the middle of shopping centers I usually ignore them & walk away.
Its been a couple of years since my last try of any type of product from this brand & I was lucky enough to give their foundation a shot in an attempt to change my own 
personal opinion.

The Sheer Genius Foundation has fantastic packaging in regards to the looks department, sleek black bottle with gold branding. It's quite heavy for a 30ml bottle but that was to be expected. Unfortunately I do wish the foundation came in a better bottle due to it having such a thin consistency, my first attempt to get the product out made it go everywhere & spillage is not the best thing to have when you first try any foundation.
The is the only gripe I had with this product though, if a pump was supplied I would have been happier.

I used the colour 'Look 2' which matched my skin perfectly, easy to blend if you stipple the product starting from the center of your face outwards. The foundation had a light to medium coverage for the days you are wanting a 'no makeup' look. 
Longevity was a little concerning as the coverage only lasted 4-5 hours then it started fading, some patchiness in the fading did occur.

This foundation is a close match to my L'Oreal Nude Magique which I have previously raved about for my barely there makeup looks, both cover any redness extremely well so if you suffer from rosacea & would prefer a heavier coverage than what a BB cream can provide then both these foundations will fit well for you. For oily skin I wouldn't recommend this given it fades quickly & will react with your skins oiliness a lot faster than for people with dry skin. Coverage is light & dewy & looks flawless once you've finished your application.

All up I enjoyed the product, it worked well for my skin. I do not recommend applying this product using a sponge/beauty blender & instead stipple the product on the face as it dries very quickly. No need for a powder to set this foundation unless you suffer from extreme oily skin in your t-zone & around your nose due to the formula.

Price per 30ml bottle in Australia $72 with a selection of six shades available.

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