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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Stefan Cosmetics

There's nothing better than discovering a new brand through social media. Being an Instagram addict and social talker I love hearing what other's say about various brands that I may have not been aware of previously.
I've done so many reviews on products for 'cleaning' and taking care of the skin that I thought it would be nice to change it up and throw in a post about makeup and more importantly a new brand I have recently discovered that is accessible in Australia.

Stefan Hair creates a bunch of products, mostly to do with hair care which is a personal favourite of mine. If you take a peek at their website you'll notice a large quantity of makeup products from lippies to blushes to beautiful setting powders.

I managed to try four things from this brand with this post dedicated to three (a sneaky post for the fourth will arrive shortly). First things first, lets dive in.....

This was stunning, the colour matched perfectly to my skin and I was able to either lightly place powder on my cheeks or add on a few more layers for a more prominent night time look. The veining of the product was beautifully done and much like Mac the powder feels so finely milled that it sets nicely on the skin and lasts a good 7+ hours without patchy fading. The powder has a mix of deep and light pinks with a small amount of shimmer.
Packaging is the exact size of the Mac blushes available and I highly recommend giving their range of blushes a try. You won't regret it and will fall in love with how beautifully these are for any occasion.

Price $29.95

(Without blending-with blending)

Oh those finishing powders, you either love them or hate them depending on how well they work for your skin. For oily skin this is great as an all over setting powder without it looking chalky/powdery or cakey. I used this for two things, to set my under eyes and to set my liquid foundation around the nose which are my most prominent zones for foundation to fade quickly. Great powder all round, very finely milled, semi matte finish and creasing around the eye area didn't start until 6 hours later which for me and a finishing powder is fantastic. 

Price $29.95

I tested this on two occasions: night and day
The tip is very fine and I was able to either apply a thick line or a thin precise line across the top or bottom of my lashes.
Formula is very smooth and I had zero flyways or clumping. Loved the formula, it was incredibly thick and a deep pure black that was easy to use and slightly reminds me of the Stila Stay All Day liquid liner that is raved about by many. 
Staying power is on average 5+ hours before it starts fading, this isn't a waterproof liner of course but lasts so well when its placed under water for testing. Best thing I found was how easy this was to remove without any of the product staying or flaking on the skin. For everyone that tends to come home in a slightly drunken state and wanting a product that still looks as good as when you left for your night out but is able to be removed with ease then this is a great item to try.

Price $19.95

Clearly you can tell by my review that I really enjoyed the products, with a fantastic range I'm so surprised that this company doesn't have so many more reviews. I will definitely be getting my hands on all the blushes and if you decide to try them yourself, let me know how much you love them too.
Next post will show the last product I tried from their range which I can't wait to rave about, until then..........

II Stefan II

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