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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Zara Mini City Bag

For the budget savvy shoppers out there that love well made products but enjoy expensive looking items....I hear you!

I admit I save up extremely hard when my mind is set on a designer item, some think it's a waste of money and some believe it's just showing off. 
For me, it's a hobby per se.
I'm not afraid to admit that I work damn hard everyday to afford the things I buy and I love spending my money how I please. But sometimes a bargain is always lovely to find.

Zara is one of my favorite shops in Melbourne, I'm a regular shopper at their Chadstone store and I am always on the look out for new pieces.
But I always keep it basic, clean lines and simple.
Today I have a very basic review of their Mini City Bag.

My original choice was the Zara City Bag as I have seen it floating around on YouTube lately. 
The smaller size I havnt seen in stores in Australia but you are able to get the larger option if you choose.
Thankfully I have a friend who's currently roaming around the UK who picked up this little number for me.
The bag is 100% what I like, very simple. 
All black lines, thick handles and a removable strap. The faux leather looks very real but without the heaviness of genuine leather with a grainy type texture. It comes with an attached key fob hanging from the front much like what you see on Prada or Louis Vuitton bags. 
I love the rose gold details and this bag will replace my H&M everyday bag for work. Although if like me you stuff your bags full of everything you see insight then you may want to choose a larger option. For now though it fits what I need nicely which includes my large wallet, iPad mini, phone, makeup bag and micelanious small items.

If you love this bag it is available from the overseas Zara website or you have the option of purchasing through some eBay sellers. Links below. 

Zara click here! $79.95USD
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