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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Chanel Le Blanc Illuminating Base

I first received a decent sized sample of this from the Chanel counter in Melbourne, after spending a week using it in my morning routine I fell in love and had to purchase the regular sized bottle. Although not cheap ($65 for a 30ml bottle at Chanel Counters) I find it perfect for my makeup base. There is always another product out there that can match any type of high-end makeup, its always a personal preference to what an individual wants to buy. For me Chanel is the ultimate luxury in beauty. I adore the packaging and the exquisite service that comes with purchasing anything from them. 

Onto the product, lightweight white consistency that easily blends out onto the skin with your hands. Has a slight floral scent and for the sensitive skinned girls out there, walk away now as this will either react with your skin or it will work in your favor. This oil-free illuminating base is made to thin out thicker foundations and turn them semi-matte on the skin but be advised that this is not a primer but it basically does just that. Works great matched up with Nars Sheer Glow or a cheaper alternative, L'Oreal True Match. 
You are intended to place this on after your moisturizer then primer to illuminate the skin and give off a healthy dewy glow. Personally for me, I miss step two and solely use this product as my skins primer as I feel it sinks into the skin to cover and fill the pores but grips the foundation to keep it in place all day. A perfect lightweight product for every day makeup that given the price it might make you walk away. If you like the Models Prefer Or Mecca Cosmeticas illuminating primers and would like to try a higher end brand then give this a fair go, I even suggest asking for a sample to use over the week before jumping in and spending the money. 

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