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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Jergens Skincare

Priceline's new exclusive range of the Jergens skincare products that are a rave hit in the US, all with reasonably priced items and an amazing range for every skin type. From gradual tanners to Shea Butter moisturizers we are quite spoilt for choice.
From the selection I received by far my favorites were the Gradual Tanner plus Moisturizer which seemed to work wonders over a two week period without any noticeable streaking, better to be used after a shower or before bed as the thicker consistency needs time to really sink into the skin to give an even tan. My second two favorites from the range were the Body BB cream that had a very sheer and light consistency that dried quickly, although it seemed amazing and helped slight colour correction in typical areas such as my elbows, there wasn't a huge change to any of my skin.
Next was the Shea Butter moisturizer, I'm a sucker for these no matter the brand name. As long as they have a thick consistency and they make the skin feel silky smooth especially after a fresh shave then I am happy. You can definitely smell the Shea Butter in this product and that makes it all the more pleasing to use everyday. There is a huge range available in store and if you have been planning to change up your products then give these a try. Great formulas to keep your skin feeling healthy, radiant and soft!

Products pictured available in-store at Priceline

Natural Glow $10.99
Body BB $14.99
Ultra Healing $6.99
Shea Butter $7.99
Age Defying $6.99

Priceline II Jergens

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